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Our famous route connecting local communities since 1893

Our Original voyages connect Norway’s local communities and have been the heart and soul of the coast since 1893.  

What to expect on your Original voyage

A living legacy

Experience the original Coastal Express that Hurtigruten founded over 130 years ago, loved for generations.  

All the flavors of Norway

Local ingredients for our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen onboard food concept are sourced where we sail at 15 ports.  

Communities of all sizes

The Coastal Express sails day and night to 34 diverse ports, from frontier Arctic cities to quiet fishing villages.   

Travel like a local

Travel alongside local Norwegians as our ships bring passengers, cargo, and cars to different communities. 

The Original, since 1893

USA has Route 66. Japan has the Shinkansen bullet train. For Norway, we have Hurtigruten’s The Coastal Express. Welcome to the original Norwegian coastal voyage, sailing our famous route that began all those years ago by our founder, Captain Richard With

For over 130 years, our fleet of ships has faithfully served the people of the Norwegian coast every year, every season, every week, through sun, snow, and storms. We’ve brought food, medicine, letters, and loved ones from near and far, and connected the nation together. 

Hurtigruten ship sailing in Geiranger fjord

Our Original voyages

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The Coastal Express

The voyage that gave us our name, heralded as ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’ by Lonely Planet. 

  • Sailing all year 

  • 12 days, visiting 34 ports twice 

  • Average of 6 ports per day 

  • Port calls both day and night, staying from 10 minutes to 4 hours

  • 70+ optional seasonal excursions 

A Hurtigruten ship under the Northern Lights

The Coastal Express - Tours

Packaging our Original voyages together with inclusive hotels and overland tours. 

  • 18-day Follow the Northern Lights – Norway to Finland 

  • 15-day Follow the Northern Lights – Finland to Norway 

  • 15-day Follow the Midnight Sun – Stockholm to Bergen

  • 12-day Astronomy Voyage – Bergen Roundtrip

A group of tourists on a guided walk of Trondheim

The Coastal Express - Short Voyages

Pick from different sections of our famous route for the ideal long weekend or for tailormade trips. 

  • Sailing all year 

  • 5 days or less 

  • Average of 6 ports per day 

  • Port calls both day and night, staying from 10 minutes to 4 hours in port 

‘The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage’

That’s how Lonely Planet described The Coastal Express. It is 12 days, 34 ports big and small, and 2,500 nautical miles from southwestern Norway to the Arctic Norwegian border and back.  

Our Original voyages on The Coastal Express take you to places in Norway of unmatched scenery and wonder: the world’s most spectacular fjords, mountains, and islands. Land of the never-ending Midnight Sun in summer. Realm of the mesmerising Northern Lights all other seasons of the year.  

Norway alesund Byrampen Viewpoint Summer HGR 163711 1080 Photo Getty Images
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The charm of everyday Norway

Our fleet has sustained Norway’s coastal communities over some four generations. Generations who have grown up welcoming us week in, week out, as we bring goods and visitors from afar.  

It’s only natural then that our ships have a special place in the hearts of many local Norwegians, like a member of the family or a faithful old friend. 

Many Norwegians still use our ships today to return to their home on the coast. For our guests, you’ll see heart-warming scenes of people greeting and hugging one another at many of our ports. 

Local ingredients, local flavours

With our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen concept, our ships are floating kitchens, sourcing ingredients where we sail on the bountiful Norwegian coast. At 15 of the 34 ports The Coastal Express sails to, we pick up regional food and drinks to serve you on board. It’s as fresh and as local as it gets.  

Most of the food and drink on board our Original voyages are farmed, fished, foraged, and made in Norway from a vast network of Norwegian suppliers. In this way, the fjords are our fish tanks, the mountains our herb garden. 

Cheese from Aalan farm

Excursions on our Original voyages

These add-on seasonal experiences create special memories for your voyage, allowing you to go further, see deeper, and enjoy more of Norway. With different activity levels and themes to choose from, you can tailor-make your trip to you and your interests.

A church in the village of Sæbø in the Hjorundfjord

Hjørundfjord – Tastes and Traditions

Explore beautiful Hjørundfjord aboard a vintage ship and treat your taste buds to a delicious four-course meal in a 16th-century guesthouse in the village of Sæbø.

Starts from



Spring (Apr - May), Winter (Nov - Mar)

Price from



6 hours 30 minutes

A RIB tour in Bodo and Saltstraumen

RIB Safari to Saltstraumen

Journey by boat to Saltstraumen, home to the world’s strongest tidal current. Learn more about the history and geology of this fascinating area during the boat ride.

Starts from



Spring (Apr - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Autumn (Sep - Oct)

Price from



2 hours

A group of Sami people in traditional dress

Sámi Culture

Meet an Indigenous Sámi family in their traditional gamme to learn about their way of life and remarkable culture.

Starts from

Kjøllefjord – beautiful wilderness where nature rules

Ends at



Spring (Apr - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Autumn (Sep - Oct)

Price from



2 hours 30 minutes

A group of people riding skis on a snowy hill

Husky Tour

Immerse yourself in the Arctic wilderness on a sled ride through forests, plains, and over frozen lakes.

Starts from

Kirkenes – right on the border


Spring (Apr - May), Winter (Nov - Mar)

Price from



3 hours


The Atlantic Road

Enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful drives as we follow the scenic Atlantic Road on this relaxing journey along the majestic coastline.

Starts from

Kristiansund – home of the Bacalao

Ends at

Molde – the City of Roses


Spring (Apr - May), Summer (Jun - Aug)

Price from



4 hours 30 minutes

Our Coastal Express fleet

Fall into the peaceful rhythm of life at sea, gazing at the coast from the lounge, gym, sauna, or outdoor hot tubs. To learn more about Norway, join the Coastal Experience Team for a lecture.

MS Midnatsol

MS Midnatsol

Previously MS Maud, MS Midnatsol is named after the Midnight Sun, the phenomenon that occurs in northern Norway every summer when the sun doesn’t set for 24 hours.
MS Nordlys Torghatten Norway HGR 130574 Fuglefjellet

MS Nordlys

Both the name and the interior design of this modern ship are inspired by the spectacular Northern Lights.
MS Polarlys Norway Summer HGR 163999 Rune Kongsro

MS Polarlys

Polarlys is Norwegian for `polar light´, and refers to the natural Arctic phenomenon we pursue in winter.
MS Nordnorge Norway Summer HGR 163993 Photo Competition

MS Nordnorge

MS Nordnorge is aptly named for northern Norway, most of which lies above the Arctic Circle.
MS Kong Harald

MS Kong Harald

Norway’s reigning monarch, a seasoned sailor, lends his name to this remarkable hybrid vessel.

MS Nordkapp

MS Nordkapp is named after the northernmost point on mainland Europe: North Cape (71ºN) - one of the geographical highpoints you can visit on a Hurtigruten voyage.

MS Nordstjernen

MS Nordstjernen is named after the North Star or Stella Polaris, famous for helping seafarers find their way back home and the Vikings to navigate the north.

MS Richard With

MS Richard With proudly carries the name of Hurtigruten's founder.

Discover our Signature voyages

All-inclusive sailings to our top handpicked places on the coast

  • Several hours to fully experience up to 14 ports    

  • All-inclusive and award-winning Norway’s Coastal Kitchen cuisine  

  • Wide choice of inclusive drinks in the ship's restaurants and bar   

  • Larger Coastal Experience Team on board for more guiding  

Signature Voyages