Working towards an emission-free future

Sea Zero

We’ve begun our most ambitious sustainability initiative ever in our 130-year history: developing zero-emission ships tailored to the Norwegian coast by 2030.

We are partnering with SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations, to explore solutions in energy efficiency and battery power.

Hurtigruten ship MS Polarlys inside the Norangs Fjord.

A better, greener fleet

By 2024, in one of the largest environmental ship upgrades in Europe and in our 130-year history, we will have transformed all seven of our ships with major green upgrades.

Our entire fleet will be more energy efficient, cutting CO2 emissions by 25% and NOx by 80%, and three ships will be upgraded to hybrid power.

Our green credentials

  • Certified biofuels From approved sustainable sources

  • Minimized energy use Through new propeller blades, new bulbous bow, new gears, and new control systems

  • Streamlined hulls That optimize inertia and reduce drag when sailing

  • Free from single-use plastic With biodegradable or long-lasting, high-quality alternatives

  • Shore-power connectivity That allows all ships to ‘plug in’ to electricity when docked in port, reducing emissions

  • State-of-the-art wastewater treatment Systems to minimize emissions to sea

Committed to the future of our home

A deep love for Norway’s coast compels us to take care of its pristine waters and shores – as well as the livelihoods of those who live there

Our strategy for sustainability

In our report, you can read about where we are today, our goals for the future, and how we will improve sustainability across four main areas:

  • Sea Zero is our flagship project to sail a zero-emission ship by 2030. We are also working on environmental upgrades for all seven of our ships

  • Build Local Communities aims to strengthen coastal communities by continuing to support local businesses and creating ripple effects

  • Green Guest Experience will provide guests with a more sustainable travel experience by offering more environmentally friendly options

  • Through Our People, we want to create a better workplace for our employees, with a focus on health, safety, and welfare

How we said goodbye to single-use plastics

In summer 2018, we were the first cruise line to remove single-use plastics from all our ships and offices. Our own Helga Bårdsdatter Kristiansen was the driving force behind the initiative.

Biologist and expedition leader, Helga Bårdsdatter Kristiansen is at a beach filled with garbage, cleaning the beach