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What to pack for a cruise in Norway

The four seasons in Norway are very distinct, so here are our packing tips for each season.

To make packing a bit easier, we have made a short list of recommendations of things to bring for all seasons along the Norwegian coast. This should be in addition to the basics.

But if you forget something, don't worry – our onboard shops offer a range of items to purchase, including high-quality knitwear, clothing, and a small selection of toiletries.

Note: the dress code on our ships is casual, so there’s no need to pack formal attire for dinner.

Year-round essentials


  • Warm underlayers and mid layers: It is much better to wear a number of thin layers than just a few thick ones. The air trapped in-between thin layers warms to your body’s temperature and acts as valuable insulation.

  • Wool sweater or fleece: This should go over your under and mid layers.

  • Wind and waterproof jacket and pants: Outer layers should be wind and waterproof to adapt to the changing conditions on the Norwegian coast.

  • Footwear: You'll need a pair of worn-in walking boots to use outdoors, as well as some casual shoes for use onboard.

  • Cotton socks: Pack an extra pair or two in your backpack if you’re going out snowmobiling or dog sledging and your feet become damp or wet.

  • Swimwear: If you intend to use any sauna or hot tub facilities, you will need to pack a swimsuit.

Other items

  • Passport and/or ID card (this also applies to Scandinavian citizens)

  • Camera and memory card

  • Binoculars

  • Sun protection: sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses

  • Lip salve: The northern air is very dry, so you’ll need to pack plenty of lip balm.

  • Reusable water bottle: The tap water in your cabin is potable, and there are water-filling stations found across each of our ships.

What to pack for each season in Norway

Spring: cover all bases

As you are likely to encounter three seasons during one sailing in spring, it’s important to pack well and layer up. We advise bringing a wool jumper, warm socks, a thick scarf, winter boots, warm, waterproof pants and jacket, a hat and gloves.

Summer: sunny attire

Summer weather along the coast can be changeable, so in addition to T-shirts, shorts and sandals, it’s wise to pack a warm jumper, light jacket (water-resistant), thin hat and gloves, and hiking shoes. You might also want to pack an eye mask, to help you sleep during the season of the Midnight Sun

Fall: lots of layers

While the sun may be shining, you can also expect cooler weather during fall. Make sure to pack thin layers and some warm clothes – a woolly jumper, wind and waterproof jacket and pants, a hat, gloves and light hiking boots.

Winter: wrap up warm

It can get very cold along the coast during winter, so we recommend you pack base and mid layers, as well as a thick winter jacket, wool or fleece hat, balaclava/buff, gloves, woolly jumper, scarf, winter boots, and pull-on spikes (for sale on board). And remember the layer principle: it is much better to wear a number of thin layers than just a few thick ones. 

In very cold weather, it’s a good idea to wear two pairs of gloves – one thick pair of mitts (mitts don’t separate the fingers so they keep your hands warmer) and a thin pair of gloves underneath that allow you the use of your fingers. If you’re prone to cold extremities, you might also want to buy some carbon hand and foot warmers, which are available from most good outdoor shops.

What should I wear to go hiking in Norway?

During your voyage, you can join one of our onshore hiking excursions. Hikes involve a high level of physical activity, on terrain that may often be uneven, slippery, and steep. You’ll need a reasonable level of fitness and mobility, and the right gear too. 

Solid shoes will be key, but not new ones you’ve yet to use. A few layers of clothing are ideal, plus a wind and rainproof jacket with a hood, and a small backpack. Don’t worry about spikes, trekking poles, snowshoes, or headlamps. We’ll provide these free of charge when the season or weather calls for them.

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