Summer in Norway

Summer is the most popular season to explore Norway’s coastline.

What to do in summer in Norway

The summer months are an excellent time of year to visit Norway.

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Experience the Midnight Sun

In summer, the days are endless north of the Arctic Circle and there is perpetual daylight along the entire Norwegian coastline. This is all thanks to the Midnight Sun, a natural phenomenon where the sun never sets below the horizon, even at midnight.

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Visit the fabled Geirangerfjord

From June to August, our Original voyages include special sailings into the spectacular Geirangerfjord on northbound journeys. Often considered the jewel in Norway's crown, this 62-mile-long fjord is surrounded by majestic peaks, steep cliffs and cascading waterfalls.

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Revel in Norway’s many summer celebrations

All summer long you'll find tempting food fairs, flea markets, Viking festivals and world-class concerts and theater events held in outdoor settings.

Which holidays take place in Norway during summer?

On June 23, Sankthans, or Saint John’s Eve, is a special Norwegian occasion observing both the birth of Saint John the Baptist and the summer solstice.

Huge bonfires, lit after the sun sets or sinks low on the horizon, can be seen burning up and down the coast into the early hours.


What to wear in Norway in summer

The weather along the Norwegian coast during the summer months can change at anytime, so in addition to shorts, T-shirts and sandals, it’s wise to pack a warm sweater, light jacket (water-resistant), thin hat and gloves, and hiking shoes.

The best summer activities in Norway

Excursion options on your summer voyage include boat rides through Norway's fjords, sea eagle safaris in the Lofoten Islands, and bike rides and hikes across mountain valleys, sandy beaches, and lofty alpine peaks.