10 reasons to sail The Svalbard Line

Here’s why you should join this romantic sailing high into the Arctic, to the edge of the world, painted in the 24-hour light of summer.

1. Reach the last town before the North Pole

As we journey to Longyearbyen at 78°N and back, The Svalbard Line visits 16 destinations, carefully curated from our 130 years of sailing the Norwegian coast.

Explore special spots like the alpine village of Åndalsnes and Træna, one of Norway’s oldest fishing communities. See the bird cliffs of Bjørnøya island in the middle of the Barents Sea and venture into polar bear territory at former coal mining town Ny-Ålesund.


2. Sunbathe on deck… at midnight

You’ll sail deep into the Arctic Circle in summer, when the Midnight Sun reigns in the sky. Watching the sun hover across the horizon, refusing to set through the night, is a phenomenon you’ll never forget.

In Svalbard, the sun stays in the sky all day and night from late April to late August, bathing everything in its magical light – and giving you 24 hours of daylight to experience this incredible place.

3. Linger in Lofoten for fishing and kayaking

An average of five hours in port gives you ample time to really explore each place we stop at. The best way to see different sides of life in Norway is through our new range of over 30 summer excursions.

You could stand-up paddleboard in Åndalsnes, visit an ancient Viking homestead in Tromsø, or try some dog sledding on wheels in Longyearbyen.


4. Scan the shoreline for polar bears

The wildlife and scenery at the top of the world are unlike any other on Earth.

Watch for walruses basking in the sun along sandy white beaches. Keep your eyes peeled for polar bears prowling the edges of sea ice on the hunt for seals. Look for migrating pods of whales; for sea eagles soaring high above turquoise fjords and verdant mountains; for families of reindeer dotted among Svalbard’s jagged mountain ranges.

5. Relive a golden age of travel

Your ship, MS Trollfjord, is your stylish haven at sea, finished with a Scandi-chic décor and natural furnishings. The result is an informal, nostalgic atmosphere, conjuring a timelessness where life slows right down.

Relax in the two-story lounge with a cocktail and strike up a conversation with like-minded travelers, or soak up the beautiful views in the panoramic sauna.


6. The coast is our kitchen

With our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen food concept, your ship’s three elegant restaurants and panoramic bar draw inspiration from Norway’s seasonal local produce, age-old Norwegian food preservation techniques, and reimagined archive menus.

Feast on fresh berries, edible flowers, rhubarb, vegetables, and seafood – the flavors of summer along the Norwegian coast.

7. Learn the secrets of Nordic cuisine

Your food and drink experience extends well beyond the restaurants on MS Trollfjord.

A brand-new range of food workshops and tastings are included, putting the flavors, producers, and food heritage of Norway’s coast even more firmly at the heart of your experience. See the technique behind the perfect gravlax and pick up ideas on how to cook sustainable ingredients like seaweed.


8. The suite experience

For the absolute best in onboard comfort, cuisine, and service on MS Trollfjord, you’ll want to book a suite. These boast king-size beds, unlimited minibar use, and some have private balcony.

Staying in a suite also includes à la carte fine dining for all meals, sumptuous afternoon tea with sparkling wine every day, endless cocktails, and even an exclusive dinner with the ship’s senior officers.

9. At home with us

Your onboard Coastal Experience Team will help you to enjoy a varied included program each day of your voyage. They’ll be hosting handicraft sessions, photography workshops, movie nights, as well as outdoor activities and optional add-on hikes.

The rest of the time, you’ll find them eagerly sharing nuggets of knowledge and stories about the history and culture of the coast.

Coastal Experience Team Trollfjord Norway The North Cape Line HGR 166485 Espen Mills

10. Voyages that give back

For generations, our voyages have sustained communities, supported livelihoods, and connected friends and family together. By championing local suppliers, we contribute to a circular economy that promotes short-traveled food and drink that keeps energy usage down.

Our foundation also actively runs sustainability projects throughout Norway, including an extensive beach-cleaning operation in Svalbard.