South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast

South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast

South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast

South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast

Travel information 15 days MS Fram , MS Roald Amundsen
October 6, 2024
October 7, 2024
Price from $ 7,440
$ 4,092
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

15-day expedition cruise through the Panama Canal and down South America’s Pacific coast from Colón to Valparaíso

South American voyage of discovery

Sail through the legendary Panama Canal as we head off on an adventure through the Pacific Ocean. From the jungles of Central America all the way to the deserts of Chile, you’ll experience a kaleidoscope of culture, color, and curiosities as we sample some of Latin America’s greatest highlights.

From ancient to modern

Indulge your sense of wonder as you fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, discover hidden Inca history, and explore the artistic mud-built city of Chan Chan. Taste cutting-edge cuisine in Lima, look for penguins in the Ballestas Islands, and savor Chile’s flavorful culture in colorful Valparaíso. It’s an adventure that will enrich your life.

South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast South America – Treasures of the Pacific Coast
  • Day 1
    Colón, Panama

    Embarking at Colón

    Get ready to start your adventure

    Your South American expedition cruise begins in Colón, which stands at the entrance to the Panama Canal on the Atlantic coast. It’s a bustling cosmopolitan center with hot springs, a thriving handicraft industry, and wonderful local restaurants.

    If you’d like to explore more of Panama, you can join an optional Pre-Program.

    However you choose to spend your time in Panama, your expedition ship will be ready and waiting. Once on board, locate your cabin, explore the ship, and meet your Expedition Team.

    Day 1
    Colón, Panama

    Embarking at Colón

  • Day 2
    Panama Canal

    Travel through the Panama Canal

    Navigate one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels.

    Early in the morning, we’ll enter the Panama Canal, an impressive and complex network of ingenious locks stretching 50 miles through natural and man-made waterways. Weather permitting, our Expedition Team will invite you on deck and tell the story of this ambitious project.

    Halfway through our transit, we’ll enter the Gatun Lake section, which is one of the world’s largest artificial lakes and is surrounded by verdant rainforest. Keep an eye out for crocodiles, alligators, monkeys, and even sloths.

    After around twelve hours, we’ll emerge into the Pacific, having passed from one great ocean to another.

    Day 2
    Panama Canal

    Travel through the Panama Canal

  • Day 3
    At sea

    On the way to Ecuador

    Enjoy a day at sea

    As we sail towards Ecuador, take time to relax and learn more about the ship. Go on deck and scan for wildlife – whales can often be seen in these waters. Your Expedition Team can be found in the Science Center. They’ll be giving some interesting talks on a range of topics.

    While you’re there, ask about the Citizen Science projects we’re running. If you’d simply like to relax and enjoy the journey, try out a hot tub or settle into the comfort of the Explorer Lounge & Bar and watch the world pass by. Later, stargazing from the deck is a lovely way to end your day.

    Day 3
    At sea

    On the way to Ecuador

  • Day 4
    Manta, Ecuador

    Made in Montecristi

    Discover the birthplace of Panama hats in... Ecuador?

    It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to seek Neptune’s blessing. That’s just what we’ll do in a traditional – and somewhat quirky – ceremony as we cross the Equator in the early morning.

    Later, we’ll dock at the port of Manta and set foot on South American soil as we visit the town of Montecristi. Known for its handicrafts, you can buy a stylish, genuine Panama hat here, expertly handwoven from the leaves of the jipijapa tree.

    Wander around this interesting town and take a look at the imposing white church, or take in the colorful street art and murals. Returning to Manta, we’ll stop at the archeological museum.

    • Included Manta and Montecristi Highlights
    Day 4
    Manta, Ecuador

    Made in Montecristi

  • Day 5
    Puerto Bolívar, Ecuador

    Bountiful Puerto Bolívar

    Explore a bustling port with a charming atmosphere

    We have a fruitful day ahead exploring Puerto Bolívar, a port in the city of Machala that exports coffee, cocoa, shrimp, and masses of bananas. Puerto Bolívar is dubbed the ‘Banana Capital of the World’, as it ships more of Ecuador’s ‘green gold’ than anywhere else in the country.

    Machala itself has all the charm you’d expect from a small coastal city, including friendly locals, quaint plazas, and striking monuments. You can try delicious fresh seafood at the harbor restaurants, taking in views of the mangrove swamps of Isla Jambeli. Then stroll through the local markets, plazas, and the Casa de la Cultura museum.

    • Included Machala City Tour
    Day 5
    Puerto Bolívar, Ecuador

    Bountiful Puerto Bolívar

  • Day 6
    At sea

    Leisure and learning

    Relaxation, research – or a bit of both

    Your Pacific coast cruise continues as we head towards Peru. As we sail, soak up the scenery on deck, dine on delicious food, or just enjoy the onboard facilities.

    The Expedition Team will continue their talks in the Science Center, sharing insights on all kinds of topics. You may learn about Indigenous communities and cultures, local geology, and pre-Columbian history, among other things.

    Out on deck, they’ll help you identify the seabirds that like to follow our ship, as well as other wildlife. Our onboard photographer will be on hand with tips.

    Day 6
    At sea

    Leisure and learning

  • Day 7
    Salaverry, Peru

    Salaverry, Peru

    Discover Trujillo’s ancient kingdoms

    Salaverry is the gateway port to Peru’s third-largest city, Trujillo, and some fascinating archeological sites. Colorful Trujillo boasts a Baroque cathedral, colonial churches, and Neoclassical mansions, as well as one of the longest mosaic murals in the world.

    Nearby, the vast ancient ruins of the Chimú city of Chan Chan date back to at least 900 CE. On the other side of Trujillo, the mysterious Moche pyramids of the Sun and the Moon are from even further back in history.

    Back on the ship, there will be a traditional Peruvian dance performance.

    • Included Onboard Marinera Dance Show
    Day 7
    Salaverry, Peru

    Salaverry, Peru

  • Day 8
    Lima, Peru

    Lima – a city both ancient and modern

    Explore Peru’s historic capital

    Lima’s historical center is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a jewel of Spanish-era architecture, from colonial churches and monasteries to elegant mansions. Go further back in time and learn about the city’s pre-Hispanic heritage at the ruins of the Huaca Pucllana pyramid.

    Known as the food capital of South America, Lima has everything from specialty restaurants to can’t-miss street food. We recommend trying ceviche, Peru’s national dish. It is fresh fish marinated in lime juice, onion, and chili.

    • Included Panoramic Tour of Lima
    Day 8
    Lima, Peru

    Lima – a city both ancient and modern

  • Day 9
    Paracas, Peru

    Ballestas and Nazca

    Discover extraordinary wildlife and ancient mysteries

    Among Peru’s most notable attractions are the Nazca Lines and the Ballestas Islands, both of which are accessible from Paracas.

    Known as El Chaco, the town has an array of restaurants along the main shorefront where you can enjoy traditional jalea – fried seafood with salsa criolla (Creole sauce) and yuca root. Just offshore are the wildlife-rich Ballestas Islands. On today’s boat tour, look for Humboldt penguins, turtles, pelicans, sea lions, Inca terns, and humpback whales as you cruise around the islands.

    You can also explore the Paracas National Reserve, with its otherworldly yellow sand dunes and red beaches. Another option is to fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines, etched in the Peruvian coastal desert – an experience on many people’s bucket lists.

    Day 9
    Paracas, Peru

    Ballestas and Nazca

  • Day 10
    At sea

    Clear skies, cool climate

    Rich marine life produced by the Humboldt Current

    As we cruise towards Chile, we’ll sail through the Humboldt Current. The cold-water climate here creates conditions that sustain an incredible abundance of marine life, including vast shoals of anchovies, mackerel, and sardines. Your Expedition Team will tell you more about the Humboldt Current’s importance to the marine ecosystem.

    Visit the Science Center to find out more. Your Expedition Team will tell you more about its importance and impact on the marine ecosystem.

    You’ll also have plenty of time to relax in the hot tub, work out in the gym, and take in stunning views and stimulating breezes from out on deck.

    Day 10
    At sea

    Clear skies, cool climate

  • Day 11
    Arica, Chile

    Sunny Arica

    Stretch your legs in sunny Arica

    Arica experiences a year-round desert climate and is classed as one of the driest cities in the world, unusual for a place by the ocean. No wonder the city is popular with sunbathers and surfers.

    On the lively streets Calle 21 de Mayo and Bolognesi, you can try local treats and peruse the El Agro market. Take a 15-minute hike up the remarkable El Morro cliff for glorious views, or visit San Marcos Cathedral, designed by Gustave Eiffel.

    See mummies and learn about Chinchorro culture at the archeological museum. You could also stretch your legs on a trek along Playa Corazones or explore the Caves of Anzota.

    Day 11
    Arica, Chile

    Sunny Arica

  • Day 12
    Iquique, Chile

    Iquique and the Atacama Desert

    Discover the history of UNESCO-listed Humberstone

    Our cruise continues to bustling Iquique, a flat city of promenades lined with palm trees.

    We’ll visit the abandoned saltpeter mining towns of Santa Laura and UNESCO-listed Humberstone in the arid Atacama Desert. Back in Iquique, explore this cosmopolitan oceanside city on foot, or simply pull up a chair in a café and do some people watching.

    While you’re there, enjoy a delicious coffee or a traditional mango sour and chumbeque, a beloved regional sweet. You can also pay a visit to La Esmeralda, a four-masted corvette from the 19th century that has historical significance.

    Day 12
    Iquique, Chile

    Iquique and the Atacama Desert

  • Day 13
    At sea

    Relax at sea

    Reflect on your adventure

    Your expedition cruise down South America’s Pacific coast continues towards La Serena in Chile.

    By this stage of your journey, you’ll have struck up friendships with your fellow explorers after finding interests in common and sharing a passion for nature. Chat the day away in the Explorer Lounge and Bar and recall the best parts of your expedition cruise so far.

    Of course, the Expedition Team will continue to deliver insightful lectures in the Science Center. You can also delve into the books in the onboard library if you want to learn more about a particular subject.

    Day 13
    At sea

    Relax at sea

  • Day 14
    La Serena, Chile

    Stunning La Serena

    Explore the ‘City of Churches’ and Serena Beach.

    Docking at the port of Coquimbo, we’ll head to Chile’s second-oldest city, La Serena.

    La Serena is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches all along Avenida del Mar and beyond. Bursting with classical architecture, there are around 30 carefully restored stone churches to discover, and you can visit the Archeological Museum to marvel at pre-colonial artifacts.

    Take a stroll through the city’s manicured public gardens, like the Japanese-inspired Jardín del Corazón. You can also shop for handicrafts at La Recova market. Down the picturesque lane of Patio Colonial, near Balmaceda, you’ll find relaxed cafés and eateries. Before boarding the ship, leave some time to explore Coquimbo.

    Day 14
    La Serena, Chile

    Stunning La Serena

  • Day 15
    Valparaíso, Chile

    Valparaíso, a UNESCO gem

    End your cruise in style in Valparaíso.

    Your South American Pacific coast expedition cruise ends in Valparaíso. Known as the ‘Jewel of the Pacific,’ this UNESCO-listed city is built on steep hillsides overlooking the ocean. It’s well worth spending time exploring before you fly home.

    It’s an exhilarating maze of winding alleyways and barrios, colorful houses, and mercados packed with local produce. It is intriguing and sure to leave an impression. Take it all in on a cable car ride up to Cerro Alegre and Concepción.

    Your cruise may have come to an end, but not necessarily your adventure. If you’re hungry for more, join an optional Post-Program.

    Day 15
    Valparaíso, Chile

    Valparaíso, a UNESCO gem



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What’s included

Expedition Cruise

  • Stay in a cabin of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner including beverages* in the restaurants Aune (MS Fram and MS Roald Amundsen) and Fredheim (on MS Roald Amundsen)
  • Fine-dining À la carte restaurant Lindstrøm is included for suite guests
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi on board†
  • Complimentary reusable water bottle
  • English-speaking Expedition Team who organize and guide activities, both on board and ashore
  • Range of included activities

*House beer and wine, sodas, and mineral water

†Please note that Wi-Fi and phone reception are very limited in the remote areas where we travel, and streaming is not supported.

Onboard activities

  • In-depth lectures and discussions hosted by experts on the Expedition Team
  • Full use of our Science Center, small library, and advanced biological and geological equipment
  • The Citizen Science Program allows guests to contribute to ongoing scientific research projects.
  • Our onboard professional photographer will give photography tips and teach techniques for capturing landscape and wildlife photos.
  • The ship has hot tubs, an infinity pool, a sauna, an outdoor and indoor gym, and a running track (on MS Roald Amundsen)
  • The ship has hot tubs, a sauna with a view, and an indoor gym (on MS Fram)
  • Join informal gatherings with the crew for daily briefings.


  • Loan of boots, trekking poles, and all equipment needed for the activities
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant expedition jacket
  • Expedition photographers will be on hand to assist you.


  • All planned activities are subject to weather conditions
  • Excursions and activities are subject to change
  • Please ensure you meet all entry and boarding requirements
  • No gratuities are expected

Not included in your voyage

  • International flights
  • Travel protection
  • Baggage handling
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners
  • Optional small-group activities with our Expedition Team
  • Optional treatments in the onboard wellness and spa area


MS Fram in Greenland
Photo: Stian Klo

MS Fram

Year built 2007
Year of refurbishment 2022
Shipyard Fincantieri, Italy
Passenger capacity 318 (200 in Antarctica)
Beds 276
Car capacity 0
Gross tonnage 11,647 T
Length 374 ft
Beam 66.3 ft
Speed 13 knots

The original Fram was the most famous explorer ship of her time, and the achievements of her Arctic and Antarctic expeditions are the stuff of legend. In this spirit, the comfortable surroundings and advanced technology on today’s MS Fram – which was fully upgraded in summer 2022 – make her exceptionally well suited for modern expedition cruising.

Read more about MS Fram

MS Roald Amundsen

Year built 2019
Shipyard Kleven Yards
Passenger capacity 530 (500 in Antarctica)
Gross tonnage 20 889 T
Length 140 m
Beam 23,6 m
Speed 15 knots

In 2019, Hurtigruten added a brand new ship to its fleet: the MS Roald Amundsen. The state of the art vessel features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that will reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible.

Read more about MS Roald Amundsen

MS Roald Amundsen in Antarktis
Photo: Dan Avila
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