North America

Wild and beautiful, remote and rich in history - an adventure to the east coast of America and Canada is bound to unleash your inner explorer. Our expedition cruises take you to some of the most spectacular sights in North America, from small cities and local communities to the untamed wilderness of Newfoundland's great National Parks.


Cruises to North America

Explore a range of intriguing destinations and dramatic landscapes in North America with a voyage along the east coast of Canada and USA.

Cruises to North America and the Arctic Islands

Explore the coast of Canada and the great Arctic Islands, including incredible Newfoundland, Labrador and Greenland.

Northwest Passage Cruises

Experience navigating the intrepid sea passage that cuts through the remote Arctic regions of North America.

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Challenge your inner explorer and experience everything that North America has to offer with our diverse range of optional excursions (the below excursions are just a selection - to see all excursions on offer, please see each individual voyage).

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Explore the forces of nature and ancient myths of Northern Canada, Greenland and Iceland.