– The wild northern frontier
Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska
  • True frontier
    Sail with the pioneers of expedition cruising to stunning Alaska, and explore a true frontier with a rich sense of adventure.
  • The wonders of nature
    Experience vast wilderness, beautiful fjords, bays, glaciers, icebergs and mountain ranges – a feast for all your senses.
  • Amazing wildlife
    Stay active with hikes, kayaking and boat cruising while scouting for magnificent creatures like bears, whales and eagles.
  • Unique native culture
    We call on remote small communities and historic towns to learn about the fascinating traditions and history of Alaska.
Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska
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Alaska is a paradise for wildlife. Whales feed in Alaskan waters. Bears roam the shores or catch salmon in rivers. Sea lions group on rocky outcrops, eagles soar from tree to tree, and seals float on icebergs deep in the fjords.
Lituya Bay, a part of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
St. Matthew Island, Alaska
Saxman Village
Bald Eagle, Sitka
Kodiak, Alaska


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