Meet our Expedition Team

On all Explorer cruises around the world, our ships are equipped with an Expedition Team - a dedicated group that will help you discover the best of each destination.

Our Expedition Teams love adventure. We have brought experts in marine biology, arctic survival, oceanography, photography, and more on board to help make your journey an unforgettable experience.

But our teams offer more than a deep understanding of the areas we explore. First, they are teachers, who love to pass on what they have learned. They are also adventurers, who thrive in the wilderness. And they are hosts who share our dedication to creating a relaxed and educational atmosphere for all our guests.

Our Expedition Teams will welcome you to exciting excursions and fascinating lectures. They look forward to helping you get the best out of every destination.

Read more about each member of our Expedition Teams below.

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    Featured: Karin Strand

    Expedition Leader on MS Fram and MS Midnatsol

    What she likes best about her job: “I get to work in a team where we love our work, and we get to create fantastic nature experiences in some of the world’s most pristine areas. The days are long, and we work hard, but it’s easy to be energised when you love what you do”.

    See a video of Karin introducing Hurtigruten's new flagship, MS Roald Amundsen.

  • Meet the Expedition Team members

    Get to know the expedition team members on each ship - and learn what they can offer you on your voyage with Hurtigruten.

    Expedition teams on MS Fram:

    Expedition teams on MS Midnatsol:

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