Træna Island Hopping


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Level 2: Moderate - some mobility needed

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3 hours


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Trana Norvège
  • Explore the islands of Husøya and Selvær, and sail close to Sandøy and Holmen.

  • See some of Norway’s most beautiful beaches and get to know the people and ways of an island community.

  • Spot migratory birds and perhaps even a sea eagle.

  • Learn about the unique production of eider down and seaweed on Selvær.

From Husøya, we sail to Sanna, where people who want to go on a hike disembark. We pick those people up later.

On your way to Selvær, you’ll pass Sandøy and Holmen, two of Træna’s smallest and most secluded island communities, known for their beautiful beaches and old harbors. Feast your eyes while your guide fills you in on the fascinating details about your surroundings.

Selvær, Træna’s second-largest island, has a cozy community feel and abundant birdlife. Around 50 people live on Selvær and local people still collect and clean the down of the eider ducks for their prized eider down. In spring, divers hand-harvest seaweed. Your guide will regale you with tales of local life while you drink coffee or tea and taste a local specialty before you return via Sanna to Husøya, where you can further explore on foot.