Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover

Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover

Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover

Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover

Travel information 15 days MS Maud
13 departures between Sep 2024 and Mar 2025
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included

15-day Northern Lights expedition cruise from Dover to Norway

Aurora adventures

From October to March is the best time to see the Northern Lights. Spending five nights above the Arctic Circle offers even better odds of seeing one of nature’s most dazzling phenomena. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a host of winter activities against the backdrop of Norway’s breathtaking scenery.

Tradition and charm

Cruise along enchanting Norwegian fjords and visit charming towns and cities, up-close and in comfort aboard MS Maud. Discover Norway’s coastal communities and local culture with our Expedition Team.

Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover Northern Lights Expedition Cruise from Dover
  • Day 1

    Setting off from the White Cliffs 

    Your magical winter cruise to Norway starts in Dover.

    Before embarking your comfortable expedition ship MS Maud, we recommend taking a walk alongside or atop Dover’s iconic white cliffs.

    Once you board, pick up your complimentary expedition jacket and settle into your cabin before attending a mandatory safety drill. Your Christmas and New Year’s adventure to the Arctic is officially underway!

    Later in the evening, we’ll call on the port of Harwich, which is one of the most important ports on the Essex coast. To celebrate the start of our journey, we will present you a local sea shanty performance before crossing the North Sea.

    Day 1

    Setting off from the White Cliffs 

  • Day 3
    At sea

    Norway bound

    Ease into your journey and relax on board 

    The next day at sea will give you plenty of time to enjoy the onboard facilities, such as our hot tubs, sauna and gym. You'll also dine on delicious seasonal produce in our restaurants.

    The Expedition Team will begin the first in their series of lectures over at the Science Center. Each member of the Expedition Team is an expert in their field. They’ll share fascinating insights about the places, history and nature you may encounter on your Norwegian coast adventure.

    Find out about our Citizen Science projects, where you can contribute to important scientific research. Or pick up pointers on improving your wildlife and landscape images from our expedition photographers.

    Day 3
    At sea

    Norway bound

  • Day 4
    Nordfjord & Loen  - Anchored - Full Day

    Views from Mount Hoven 

    Enjoy the glacial beauty of Nordfjord 

    In the morning, we’ll enter Nordfjord. We’ll pass Hornelen, Europe's highest sea cliff – look out for it if your cruise is passing in daylight – and head towards Jostedalsbreen, Europe's largest glacier. 

    As we cruise past picturesque inlets, you'll spy old fishing communities dating back to pre-Viking times. One of these is Loen, where we'll land if conditions are right. In the shadow of the mighty glacier, there's much to discover. 

    After a short boat ride to the floating jetty, you'll take the Loen Skylift to enjoy spectacular views from the summit of Mount Hoven. After, why not join exciting activities such as snowshoeing, sledding or winter kayaking. 

    Day 4
    Nordfjord & Loen  - Anchored - Full Day

    Views from Mount Hoven 

  • Day 5
    At sea

    Towards the Arctic Circle 

    Along the Helgeland coast to Arctic Norway 

    As we continue our cruise, we'll be travelling under the Auroral Zone, a prime area to see the Northern Lights. If we're lucky, we could have multiple sightings here. Our professional onboard photographer will also share some top tips for capturing the Aurora. 

    As we pass Helgeland county, watch for the silhouette of the Seven Sisters mountain range through the darkness. This impressive coastal range is home to the Torghatten mountain, with a distinct hole right through the middle. 

    Your Expedition Team will continue their onboard lectures. Discover more about local folklore, or the Norwegian passion for the outdoors, known as friluftsliv.  

    Day 5
    At sea

    Towards the Arctic Circle 

  • Day 6

    Idyllic Lofoten 

    One of the world's most spectacular destinations 

    A majestic wall of mountains signals your arrival in stunning Lofoten. The breathtaking scenery is a masterpiece of jutting snow-capped mountains, sheltered bays, untouched beaches and fishing villages. 

    With its iconic red fishing huts, or rorbuer, dotted against a backdrop of granite peaks, Reine is an idyllic place to visit and photograph. And if the weather conditions don’t allow, there are plenty of other, equally memorable ports for us to explore.  

    • Included Reine - The Fishing Village of Å
    Day 6

    Idyllic Lofoten 

  • Day 7
    70° North  

    Arctic Alta, Aurora city 

    Go snowmobiling or learn about Sámi culture  

    Lying 70º north of the Arctic Circle, Alta is the perfect destination for winter activities such as visiting snow hotels, dog sledding and snowmobiling. Alta lies directly beneath the Auroral Oval. If conditions are right, you could be in for quite a show. 

    Visit Alta’s Northern Lights Cathedral, with its striking Aurora-inspired architecture, and learn more about the science in a fascinating interactive exhibition on Northern Lights research.  

    Or why not visit a Sámi village and learn more about these indigenous and semi-nomadic reindeer herders. The Expedition Team may even give a lecture on Sámi culture. 

    • Included Experience the Northern Lights Cathedral
    Day 7
    70° North  

    Arctic Alta, Aurora city 

  • Day 8

    Tromsø, the Arctic gateway 

    Join exciting winter activities in the Arctic capital 

    Our Northern Lights cruise continues to the capital of the Arctic, Tromsø. Set in a majestic landscape and packed with culture and history, this small, cosmopolitan city has plenty of fascinating sights to discover.   

    We’ll visit the Polar Museum to learn about the city’s Arctic and exploration heritage. See the Arctic Cathedral – with its huge stained-glass window, it’s one of the most striking landmarks in Tromsø. 

    You can also take the Fjellheisen cable car to the top of Mount Fløyfjellet for incredible views. From December to April, you’ll have the chance to try exciting winter activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or dogsledding. 

    • Included The Polar Museum
    Day 8

    Tromsø, the Arctic gateway 

  • Day 9

    Historic Narvik

    Discover one of the world's most northerly towns 

    We arrive at Narvik in the morning. Sitting 150 miles inside the Arctic Circle and surrounded by three fjords, the town enjoys a spectacular setting. Spend some time exploring the galleries, shops and restaurants specialising in local seafood and reindeer meat. 

    An important port, Narvik was a strategic target for Germany during WWII. You'll visit the Narvik War Museum and learn about the Allied troops' liberation of the town. 

    Then ride the cable car to the top of Mount Narvik, or go hiking, snowshoeing or kayaking on the fjord. In the evening, we'll look out for the Northern Lights as we cross Vestfjord. 

    Day 9

    Historic Narvik

  • Day 10-11
    Mid-Norway Fjords & Islands 

    Expedition days 

    Take time to connect and learn something new 

    Over the next two days, we may go off the beaten track to wherever takes our fancy. There are many islands and fjords to discover in this region. In true expedition style, we'll go ashore in our small expedition boats, giving you the chance to experience the exhilarating feeling that comes from exploring a wild and remote island or discovering a hidden fjord. 

    Activities and landings will be picked at the discretion of the Expedition Team, and they’ll draw on their in-depth knowledge of the area to bring you to the most captivating and naturally beautiful locations.  

    You'll also learn more about what we've seen – with lectures from our Expedition Team or in our Science Center. You can join a Citizen Science project like Happywhale, which uses photos of sightings to track whale migrations around the world. 

    Day 10-11
    Mid-Norway Fjords & Islands 

    Expedition days 

  • Day 12

    Beautiful Bergen

    Visit Bergen's UNESCO-listed Bryggen district 

    Enjoy the unique charm of what was once Norway's capital, Bergen. Today, it remains one of Norway's most picturesque cities, surrounded by seven mountains and the sea. 

    Stroll through the UNESCO-listed Bryggen district and discover its colourful wooden wharves, dating back to the 18th century. Explore Bergen’s cobbled streets and alleys on foot, stopping at fascinating museums, artisanal boutiques, cafés or a pub for a glass of local Hansa beer along the way. 

    Then enjoy a ride up Mount Fløyen on the funicular railway. At the summit, you'll find amazing views over the city. If there’s time, we might even venture into the alpine forest for a short hike. 

    • Included Bergen - The Fløibanen Funicular
    Day 12

    Beautiful Bergen

  • Day 13

    Cozy Egersund

    A beautiful town of wooden houses and ancient runes 

    You’ll love the cosy, small-town feel of Egersund, with its brightly coloured wooden houses. People have lived here since the Stone Age, and you can even find ancient runes carved into rocks nearby. It’s also one of the best natural harbours in Norway – as a fishing town, Egersund used to land more fish than anywhere else in the country. 

    The best way to explore is on foot. You can take a hike in the hills or enjoy exploring the town on your own. For panoramic views, hike to the viewpoint at Varberg, a short walk from the town centre. 

    Day 13

    Cozy Egersund

  • Day 14
    At sea

    Homeward bound 

    Relax at sea as we return to England 

    As you cruise back across the North Sea to England, you'll have time to relax and look back on some of the incredible experiences you've enjoyed on this expedition cruise. Spend time in the Explorer Lounge & Bar with your fellow adventurers or relax in the hot tubs or sauna.  

    You can also enlist the help of our onboard photographer for editing tips on the photos you've taken on this cruise. If you have more questions about the Northern Lights and Norway, our Expedition Team will be on hand to fill in any gaps – head to the Science Center to discover more. 

    Day 14
    At sea

    Homeward bound 

  • Day 15

    Return to England

    Refreshed and ready for the year ahead

    Today you’ll say farewell to MS Maud. You will take home unforgettable memories of Norway during Christmastime: wonderful fjords, fascinating towns and cities, and hopefully the Northern Lights. Before you head out of the area, Dover itself has a number of attractions you won’t want to miss.

    No trip here is complete without a walk along or atop Dover’s iconic white cliffs. Consider visiting Dover Castle, among the largest castle in England and home to a Roman lighthouse.

    Day 15

    Return to England



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What’s included

Expedition Cruise

  • Stay in a cabin of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including beverages* in the Aune and Fredheim restaurants
  • Fine-dining À la carte restaurant Lindstrøm is included for suite guests
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi on board†
  • Complimentary reusable water bottle
  • The English-speaking Expedition Team leads activities on board and ashore.
  • Range of included activities

*House beer and wine, sodas, and mineral water

†Please note that Wi-Fi and phone reception are very limited in the remote areas where we travel, and streaming is not supported.

Onboard activities

  • In-depth lectures and discussions hosted by experts on the Expedition Team
  • Full use of our Science Center, extensive library, and advanced biological and geological equipment
  • The Citizen Science Program allows guests to contribute to ongoing scientific research projects.
  • Our onboard professional photographer will give photography tips and teach techniques for capturing landscape and wildlife photos.
  • The ship has hot tubs, a panoramic sauna, and an indoor gym.
  • Join informal gatherings with the crew for daily briefings.

Landing activities

  • Escorted landings with small boats (RIBs)
  • Trekking poles, head lamps, and walking poles are available, if necessary
  • Complimentary wind- and water-resistant expedition jacket
  • Expedition photographers will be on hand to assist you.


  • All planned activities are subject to weather conditions
  • Excursions and activities are subject to change
  • Please ensure you can meet all entry and boarding requirements
  • No gratuities are expected

Not included in your voyage

  • International flights
  • Travel protection
  • Baggage handling
  • Optional shore excursions with our local partners
  • Optional small-group activities with our Expedition Team

  • All planned activities are subject to weather and ice conditions 
  • Excursions and activities are subject to change  
  • Please make sure you meet all entry and boarding requirements
  • No gratuities expected 
MS Maud
Interior in restaurant Lindstrøm
Photo: Oscar Farrera
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MS Maud

Year built 2003
Shipyard Fosen Mek. Verk. (N)
Passenger capacity 570 (500 in Antarctica)
Beds 500
Gross tonnage 16,151 T
Length 445 ft
Beam 70.5 ft
Speed 15 knots

Formerly the MS Midnatsol, the MS Maud is well-suited for expedition cruising.

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