Hike with a Visit to a Shieling

Join us for a pleasant hike up from the fjord through lovely meadows to a summer grazing site at Haukås. Here, we’ll learn about traditional farming and taste local delicacies.

  • See the beautiful village of Urke and the surrounding area.
  • Hike from the fjord through picturesque meadows.
  • Visit a shieling and learn about traditional farming.
  • Taste local food and try your hand at churning butter.
  • Direction

    Northbound Direction

  • Season

    Autumn (Sep - Oct)

  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Medium

  • Duration

    2 hours, 45 min

  • Min. passengers


  • Max. passengers


  • Booking Code


  • From

    $ 167

  • Notices

    Landing is by small boat (RIB) and getting on and off the boat requires a certain degree of mobility

This guided hike will bring you through peaceful meadows from the fjord side to a traditional shieling in Haukås. Restored in the 1900s, these small farmhouses are nostalgic reminders of a bygone era.

In the past, Norwegian farms were located in the villages and were relatively small. There wasn’t much pastureland around the villages and, come summertime, flocks and herds would need to be lead farther and farther afield to graze on new grass. Shielings were therefore built as overnight accommodation for the farmers and milk maidens, who had to milk the cows far from the farm every morning and evening.

You’ll be greeted by welcoming hosts at the shieling who will explain all about life on the farm. Explore the site, try your hand at carrying old milk pails and churning butter, and sample some local produce. Then, we’ll stop at the grocers on the way back to Urke before rejoining the ship.

A view of a lake with a mountain in the background A view of a lake with a mountain in the background


  • Disembarking Port: Urke
  • Embarking Port: Urke
  • Available From: September 2 - November 1
  • Meals During the Excursion: Taste of local specialties
  • Clothes/Footwear: Hiking shoes, warm and windproof clothing
  • Recommended equipment includes backpack with water bottle, extra clothing, a camera, and sunglasses.
  • The guide will bring the necessary safety equipment.
  • Participants should be in good general health.