The ruggedly charming village of Båtsfjord is a major hub of the Norwegian fishing industry

Båtsfjord – welcome to the wilderness of Finnmark

This ruggedly charming village is a major hub of the Norwegian fishing industry.

Båtsfjord is situated on the north coast of the Varanger peninsula. Previously, there were several villages along this barren coast, but today everyone lives in the town of Båtsfjord, sheltered at the end of the Båtsfjord inlet. The municipality has a population of 2,000. Båtsfjord is one of the major centers for the Norwegian fishing industry, and has several fish processing factories, a freezing plant, a filleting factory and ship repair yards. The church dates from 1971. At 791 feet (241.8 m), the TV mast is the highest in Norway.

The most interesting attraction is Hamningberg, an abandoned fishing village on the outer coast, now used for summer stays. With well-preserved 19th century wooden houses, it is a unique example of old architecture in a county so devastated by World War II.

A history of Båtsfjord

In Båtsfjord you will notice the stripes in the cliffs. The sandstone strata were formed under water and then folded under land movement. The sandstone is home to interesting flora and, believe it or not, remains of Stone Age settlements have also been found here.

The Old Norse form of the name is Botnsfjorðr. The first element is the genitive case of ‘botn’ that means "the innermost part of a fjord".

Port address

Holmen kai, 9990 Båtsfjord