A group of Sami people in traditional dress

Norwegian Culture

Although Norway is renowned for its captivating fjords and breathtaking landscapes, the country has a hidden treasure that adds an exciting dimension to its natural beauty - a thriving cultural scene.

Holidays and festivals in Norway

From music extravaganzas spanning jazz, blues, and contemporary genres, to annual fetes celebrating age-old traditions or local produce, Norwegian festivals are a true reflection of the country's rich cultural tapestry.


The Vikings

Norway's Viking legacy is not just a historical chapter; it's a living tale, woven into the very fabric of the country. From intriguing artefacts to immersive museums, captivating tours, and authentic living villages, Norway offers a wealth of opportunities to dive deep into the Viking world.

Discover the lesser-known facets of Norway's Viking history, and immerse yourself in a captivating saga of exploration, discovery, and bravery.

The Sami

Some 80,000 Sami are estimated to live in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia today. But the heart of Sami culture beats strongest in Northern Norway, particularly in the picturesque county of Finnmark.

Though some may associate Sami traditions solely with vibrant costumes and the art of reindeer herding, their heritage is far more diverse and dynamic. Learn more about the indigenous people of Norway before embarking on your Norwegian cruise.

Vågan church, also known as the Lofoten Cathedral

Religion in Norway

Norway's long-standing religious history has helped shaped the country's political, cultural, and architectural landscape, and the country has plenty of beautiful historic religious sites for visitors to explore today.