UNESCO Rock Art and Northern Lights Cathedral


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3 hours


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  • Take in the exhibition at Alta Museum featuring nearby prehistoric rock art discoveries, the largest collection in northern Europe

  • Learn more about the history of Alta and enjoy views of Altafjord

  • Visit the landmark new Alta Cathedral, also known as the Northern Lights Cathedral.

  • Understand the history and science of the northern lights through a fun and immersive exhibition and a unique presentation.

We’ll meet our local guide and bus and begin a short tour of Alta city center, covering everyday life in the city considered the northernmost in the world.

Our first stop is Alta Museum, which chronicles the discovery of northern Europe’s largest concentration of prehistoric rock art at the head of nearby Altafjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museum is located next to the excavation site at Hjemmeluft and features some of the rock art on display, including ‘Pippi’, the first rock carving found in Alta. You can also walk through other exhibits about the Sámi, Kven history, the local slate industry, the Alta River, and UNESCO.

Next up is the remarkable Alta Cathedral. The spiral of its titanium-clad spire symbolizes the extraordinary phenomena of the northern lights. During the long Arctic nights, the striking façade even reflects the northern lights as they flicker all around. Downstairs, the interactive Borealis Alta exhibition tells us everything there is to know about the science and the Sámi myths behind the Northern Lights.