Sámi Handicrafts, Food and Culture


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1 hour 30 minutes


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A Sami woman holding a white reindeer in Norway
  • Enjoy an immersive Sámi experience and find out how they use plants for food and medicine.

  • Learn about Sámi history, culture, and way of life.

  • See reindeer, admire Sámi duodji in progress, and purchase unique souvenirs.

  • Taste delicious Sámi food.

Step into the shoes of a Sámi native and learn how their customs honor the earth, animals, nature, and food. Appreciate Sámi craftsmanship, which is on display in the venue. Delve into their history, savor their food, and listen to their music. Learn about the role sustainability plays in Sámi culture and how you can lead a lifestyle that respects the earth too.

The Sámi are well known for their sustainable hunting practices. With reindeer grazing freely across the entire island, the Sámi hunt on foot, using as few motorized means of transport as possible. To ensure the quality of the meat, the herds are well fed with reindeer lichen and grass rather than pellets.

You’ll have the chance to sample some local products. Depending on what’s in season, these may include smoked and cured meats, traditional bark bread, mullet, and berries.

In keeping with Sámi tradition, reindeer are not only used for their meat but also for their hides and skins, which are used to create a variety of products by hand. This traditional handicraft method is called duodji. Depending on the season, you may be able to see some crafts being made.

Practical information

  • Disembarking port: Lødingen

  • Embarking port: Lødingen

  • Available: October 1 - April 30

  • Clothes: Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes suitable for that day’s weather.