Stamsund – the essence of Lofoten - Svolvær – at the heart of Lofoten

Meet the Vikings (Summer)


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2 hours 30 minutes


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Lofotr Vikingmuseum Foto Kjell Ove Storvik 2012.jpg HGR 128754 1920 Photo Kjell Ove Storvik
  • Enjoy Lofoten’s beautiful scenery during the guided bus tour from Stamsund to Svolvær.

  • Visit a reconstruction of the largest longhouse ever found from the Viking Age.

  • Take part in an authentic Viking ritual in which we toast to the Old Norse gods.

  • Enjoy a traditional Viking meal with mead, the drink of the gods.

Take part in a historical journey from Stamsund to Borg, where the Lofotr Viking Museum is located. Along the way, the guide will talk about what life was like for the Vikings who lived here.

The smell of tar and bonfire greets you as you step over the threshold. Flickering light from oil lamps illuminates the beautiful craftsmanship, ornamentation, and architecture of the chieftain’s home. The chieftain and his wife invite us to enjoy an authentic Viking meal. Watch while the Vikings offer up a sacrifice to the Old Norse gods and pray for good health, prosperity, and safe sailing when the chieftain sets off into the world with his merchandise. You’ll get a genuine glimpse into the Viking Age, with traditional food, costumes, song, and dance.

After enjoying a traditional Viking meal, which is served with mead – the drink of the gods – you’ll be able to look around the longhouse. Then we’ll take the bus to Svolvær and learn more about the history of Lofoten along the way.

Practical information

  • Disembarking port: Stamsund

  • Embarking port: Svolvær

  • Available: April 4 – November 3

  • Transportation: Bus

  • Meals: Dinner, mead

  • Clothes: Comfortable shoes and warm clothing

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