Scandinavian Tour Packages

Discover our range of exclusive tours featuring handpicked experiences: Follow the Northern Lights, Follow the Midnight Sun & Astronomy Tours

Arctic exploration elevated: Reasons to select a Hurtigruten tour for your next adventure

Our Follow the Northern Lights, Follow the Midnight Sun, and Astronomy Tour itineraries offer immersive experiences for your perfect Nordic adventure!

The Northern Lights above Senja in Norway

Highlights of our Scandinavia Tours:

  • Escorted small groups with expert guides

  • Cruise-inclusive journeys with a choice of itineraries

  • Immerse yourself in Nordic culture and scenery

  • Free time to explore on your own

  • Ocean to plate dining experiences

  • Great mix of included activities

  • Small group of like-minded travelers (max 24 guests)

Follow the Northern Lights Tour: Guided small group tours in Norway & Finland

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Norway and Finland with our escorted small group Scandinavian Tours. From the dancing aurora borealis to the charm of Nordic landscapes, each route is carefully crafted to enhance your experience.

Follow the Northern Lights Tour highlights:

Northern Lights over Norway

Nature's Light Show: Understanding the allure of the Northern Lights

Explore the beauty and uniqueness of the aurora borealis, a captivating natural phenomenon that draws global admirers to witness its enchanting displays.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) over the North Cape, Norway

Illuminating the auroras:

Revealing the science behind the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (also known as aurora borealis) are caused by the interaction between charged particles from the sun and the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere.


Navigating the Solar Max:

A deep dive into solar activity peaks

The Solar Maximum (Max) is a period of solar activity when sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) occur frequently, resulting in more chances to see impressive displays. After the current Solar Max (2024-2025), the next one won’t be until 2036.

Northern Lights on deck Tromso Norway HGR 11233 1920

Perfecting the shot:

Tips & tricks for Northern Lights Astro-photography

Professional photographer Stian Klo and other astro-photographers share their tips for taking photos of the Northern Lights as you sail along Norway’s coast with us.

Celestial navigation: the secret to Vikings' seafaring expertise

Did you know that the Vikings, skilled seafarers, navigated the vast seas using celestial navigation techniques, relying on the positions of the sun, moon, and stars to guide their legendary voyages?

MS Richard With sailing in Norway in winter under the Northern Lights

Our Northern Lights Promise

Relax in the knowledge that our unmatchable Northern Lights Promise means you’ll get another chance to see the aurora if they don’t make an appearance on your voyage of 11 days or more.

Astronomy Tour: Set sail with our seasoned experts

Explore the enchanting Northern Lights, Arctic sky, and solar system through fascinating onboard lectures by esteemed astronomers John Mason, Sadie Jones, and Tom Kerss.

Condé Nast Traveler reports a growing trend in astro-tourism, wherein both astronomy enthusiasts and nature lovers stargaze in pristine locations and witness breathtaking cosmic phenomena. Elevate the way you experience astronomical phenomena on a cruise, away from city lights and cloud cover.

Astronomy Tour highlights:

  • An exclusive visit to the Northern Lights Planetarium in Tromsø with our astronomy experts

  • Our Northern Lights Promise – If the Northern Lights do not occur within sight of your ship during your voyage, we will give you a 6-day southbound or 7-day northbound Coastal Express departures for the next Northern Lights Season (T&Cs apply)


"Amazing cruise earlier this year with several shows of the lights two of which were quite spectacular. The whole trip was incredible and would recommend Hurtigruten in a heartbeat"

-Jill Ellery, September 2023

Voices of the Lights

We talked to people who live and breathe the Northern Lights about the dreams and desires that drive them. These are their stories.


The Chief Aurora Chaser: Tom Kerss

Astronomer Tom Kerss tells us why he can’t get enough of the Northern Lights in Norway.

JM in Planetarium

Sage of the Northern Lights: Dr John Mason

Physicist and astronomer Dr John Mason has the answers to all of our questions about the Northern Lights, “truly nature's greatest light show”.

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Chasing the aurora as a solo traveler

For KrisTina Kramer, few things in life give her as much of a thrill as sailing with us along the Norwegian coast, chasing the Northern Lights.

Follow the Midnight Sun Tour: Chasing daylight

Bask in long, summer days as you explore the Finnish Lapland and take in Norwegian coastal towns on this escorted small-group tour. From Stockholm, an overnight ferry brings us to Helsinki.

Follow the Midnight Sun Tour highlights:

  • Guided city tours of Stockholm, Helsinki, and Bergen

  • Hike with huskies and Snowhotel visit optional excursions

  • Experience the Midnight Sun

  • Insight into Sámi culture


Sunlit splendor: Introduction to the mesmerizing Midnight Sun

Explore the wonders of the Midnight Sun and gain insights into this natural phenomenon.

Time-lapse showing the different stages of the sun during Midnight sun.

In the glow of the day

Understanding the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the polar regions during the summer when the Earth's tilt causes these regions to receive more amounts of sunlight. It results in the sun remaining visible even at midnight.

Two people capturing the Midnight Sun on mobile phone in Lofoten Norway by Getty Images

When sunlight dominates

When to experience the Midnight Sun

★ Svalbard: Apr 20 - Aug 22 ★ North Cape: May 13 - Jul 31 ★ Hammerfest: May 16 - Jul 28, Vardø: May 16 - Jul 28 ★ Tromsø: May 20 - Jul 25 ★ Harstad: May 24 - Jul 20 ★ Svolvær: May 28 - Jul 17 ★ Bodø: Jun 3 - Jul 11 ★

Midnight Sun photographed by Beverle Humphrey for Photo Competition

Toward glowing horizons

Where to witness the Midnight Sun

During summer, you’ll find the Midnight Sun anywhere north of the Arctic Circle. This is the abstract geographic line that cuts through Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and of course, the Land of the Midnight Sun itself, Norway.