Norwegian Coastal Campaigns

The Coastal Express has been sailing polar waters since 1893 - for 130 years! Now is your chance to explore Norway with a special package.

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Why travel solo with Hurtigruten

Cruising solo means only having yourself to please – with a whole cabin to yourself. Where you eat, which excursions you join, when you go to bed. It’s all up to you.

Stay on deck all night and watch the Northern Lights. Skip lunch in favour of the hot tub. Bus tour instead of kayaking. Stay in your cabin with a book. Or crochet and chit-chat with locals in the bar all day. You are free to choose. This is your voyage.

Lofoten Archipelago in summer

Escorted group tours with expert guides

Our Follow the Lights, Follow the Midnight Sun, and Astronomy Tours offer immersive experiences for your perfect Nordic adventure!

Our family cruise deals: 50% discount for children

Children enjoy a 50% discount on fares and excursions until they reach age 16, making family cruises more affordable. But it's not just about saving money; it's about spending quality time together. Every moment becomes a cherished family memory to be treasured and reminisced about for years to come.

Young Explorer - Travel with kids. Photo Anne Marte Johnsen, Hurtigruten

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