The village of Sæbø in the Hjørundfjord. Photo by: Andrea Klaussner


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Lofoten Norway HGR 161109 Photo Getty Images

April 29 2024

Tales of the North: Leading Sustainability in Travel

Vice President of Sustainability, Rikke Jørgensen, and Managing Director for Hurtigruten Foundation, Henrik Lund share how Hurtigruten is pioneering sustainable travel with impactful initiatives and leading-edge practices.

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March 21 2024

Tales of the North: Starry Nights

During the second installment of our 'Tales of the North' webinar series, Astronomer and aurora chaser Tom Kerss unravels the science and magic behind the Northern Lights. With a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Exeter and a background at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, we are delighted to have Tom onboard for our Astronomy Voyages.

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Golden Autumn Svalbard by Eveline Lunde

February 22 2024

Tales of the North: Secrets of Svalbard

Svalbard resident Anika Paust discusses the world beyond the Arctic Circle. Learn about what it’s like to live in the land of the polar night and Midnight Sun and how you can experience Svalbard in the summer.

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About our webinar series: Tales of the North

Our 'Tales of the North' webinar series reveals hidden gems and fascinating stories from 63,000 miles of Norwegian coastline and High Arctic:


Read about our sustainability efforts, including Sea Zero, environmental ship upgrades, and towards zero food waste.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (also known as aurora borealis) are caused by the interaction between charged particles from the sun and the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere.

Summertime in Svalbard

During the summer months, the Midnight Sun occurs in polar regions such as Svalbard when the Earth's tilt causes these regions to receive more amounts of sunlight even at midnight.