Hurtigruten Foundation

We have established Hurtigruten Foundation in order to ensure that our guests of tomorrow can enjoy the same meaningful travel experiences as our guests do today.

Hurtigruten Foundation

Hurtigruten Foundation aims to raise awareness of opportunities and challenges in the areas we visit, and to raise funds to respectively exploit the opportunities or reduce the challenges. We want to make sure our footprints are as gentle as possible, and our presence positive for both the places we visit and its residents.

We already support several local initiatives such as «Clean up Svalbard», Association of Greenlandic Children, and research centers in Antarctica.  But with this Foundation we aim higher than ever before, and welcome you on board in this important work for sustainable travel. If you want to help us make a difference you’re welcome to make your donation to Hurtigruten Foundation accounts.

NOK account:
IBAN: NO28 1503 6902 385

EUR account:
IBAN: NO82 1250 6162 392

USD account:
IBAN: NO54 1250 0542 134

Lewis Pugh - Our First Ambassador

UK-born Lewis Pugh has undertaken spectacular swims all around the world, including in the freezing cold waters of the North Pole and in Antarctica - all to create awareness about how important it is to safeguard the environment of these waters.

By being one of the spearheads of the United Nations Environment Program, he has won access to state leaders all over the world. The World Economic Forum has appointed him “Young Global Leader” and his many strenuous pioneer swims have resulted in National Geographic appointing him to one of their “Adventurers of the Year”.

“Dugnad’ is an unique Norwegian word which means that one works together voluntarily because individuals feel it’s important and for the good of the community. This is exactly what the polar regions need, a good dugnad. I feel confident that through this foundation we will create strong results and make a real difference”, says Mr Pugh.

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