MS Midnatsol
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Practical Information for Expedition Cruises On Board MS Midnatsol

From passport and visa requirements to general on-board information - get to know the MS Midnatsol before you embark on your explorer voyage.

Please note: This information is only valid for expedition cruises to Antarctica. For Norwegian Coastal Voyages with MS Midnatsol, please find your travel information here.


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On Board Information

Alcohol Policy

Only beverages purchased from the ship’s restaurants and bars can be consumed on board. Alcoholic beverages purchased at ports-of-call will be stored by the ship and delivered to your cabin on the last day of the sailing. According to Norwegian law, only people over the age of 18 are allowed to purchase beer and wine. Only people over the age of 20 are allowed to purchase spirits. 


To hear announcements in your cabin, the TV has to be set to a channel number, which will be listed in the folder placed in the cabin. Important updates to our programs and emergency information will be announced via separate speakers that will override all other audio in the cabin.


The name ‘Midnatsol’ (Midnight Sun) is something to live up to, and this ship, dedicated to the Norwegian summer, does just that. The interior décor is bright and colorful and is inspired by the warm sunny climate – a motif reflected in the many pieces of Norwegian modern art on display.

Bar Service

The ship has a bar with a wide selection of spirits, wines, beers, and soft drinks and a lounge with coffee service.


There are a wide range of cabins on board, all with private bathrooms. You will be informed at check-in when your cabin is ready. You may expect some noise and vibration in some cabins. This varies depending on the location of your cabin. Please note that cabins on deck 6 with passenger access to outside areas may sometimes have an obstructed view due to other passengers walking past. Please ask our Reservations Team for the best possible cabin location when booking so that we may suggest the most suitable cabin for you.

Changes to Itinerary & Excursions

All routes and excursions are subject to change – weather, sea, and ice conditions may affect the itinerary. Excursions may also be subject to minimum or maximum number of guests. The operators reserve the right to change the content of excursions without prior notice.

Charter Flight to Ushuaia

The flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, and vice versa, is included in select voyages and usually operates early in the morning and arrives in the afternoon upon return in Buenos Aires. Please note that the airline will confirm the final flight times only a few days prior to the day of departure. For final flight times and boarding passes, guests can contact our hospitality desk at the hotel in Buenos Aires one day prior to departure. Guests who have not booked an overnight stay at the end of the voyage should not book an international flight from Buenos before 10:00pm. Hurtigruten does not accept any responsibility for guests missing a flight in the event of a delay.


Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to travel to Antarctica. There is no age restriction on other destinations. For safety reasons, it is at the captain’s discretion for children under the age of 12 to participate in shore landings.

Cruise Card

A cruise card will be issued upon arrival on board as part of the check in procedure in accordance with ISPS regulations. The cruise card has multiple purposes. It will be required for disembarkation in all ports of call and landings. This card will also be used as a charge card to make all onboard purchases. To activate an onboard credit card, guests must have a Visa, American Express, Diners Club, or MasterCard that has an expiration date no earlier than three months after the date of the voyage. All onboard purchases will be finalized the night prior to disembarkation. The amount reflected will be in Norwegian Krone (NOK). The rate of exchange will be the one validated by your credit card company. Hurtigruten is not responsible for any foreign transaction fees from the guest’s credit card company. All onboard purchases will be finalized the night prior to disembarkation. Lastly, the cruise card is the key to the guest’s cabin. Please note that there is no currency exchange or cash withdrawal on board.


Please note the use of passenger-operated drones are not permitted during your voyage. This is for general safety as well as the protection of other passengers' personal security.

Electrical Outlets

All cabins have 220V (50hz) electrical outlets; suites also have 110V. The plugs are continental two-pin plugs. Adapters are available for purchase in the gift shop.


The emphasis on board is on relaxation and discovery and not on the commercial entertainment which is often a part of conventional cruises. Our extensive onboard program is suitable for all guests and our Expedition Team is knowledge in a wide range of fields and presents lectures on several relevant topics. There is a ‘science laboratory’ on board where we do field experiments. Our aim is to get closer to unique environments and allow guests to share the experience with fellow travelers. Occasionally there may be musical entertainment in the evenings.

Environment & Green Navigation

Our captains take pride in route planning that minimizes the load of the engines and reduces emissions. All waste is stored on board until it is deposited for treatment ashore. Do not to leave any waste when you are on shore excursions. In populated areas, use the containers for depositing waste.

Fitness Room, Sauna & Hot Tub

A fitness room with a panoramic view is located at deck 9. The sauna is located next to the fitness room. Use your cabin card to enter the fitness room. Outside on deck 9 you will find our hot tubs. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy the beautiful scenery we are passing along the coast. Swimsuits and other bathing suits can be purchased in the gift shop on deck 5.

Gift Shop

The onboard gift shop offers a modern selection of clothes suitable for our voyages. We focus on fabrics with natural fibers that are practical for polar climates. The Expedition Team will be happy to provide expert advice on proper polar gear. Guests may also purchase souvenirs, local crafts, postcards, and toiletries.

Gratuity Policy

Hurtigruten understands that many of our guests wish to give a special thanks to our service crew on board. It is at the guest’s discretion to honor the services rendered by the crew in the bars, restaurant, and cabins. In order to provide a guideline, we recommend 80 NOK (approximately $12 USD) per guest per day as an average gratuity. There is a form in the cabin that can be filled out and given to the Reception Manager two nights before disembarkation. The amount will be added to the cruise card invoice.

Information & Services

The reception desk is on deck 4. The expedition desk is on deck 9 and crew members are available to answer your questions. The lecture hall is on deck 5.


A complimentary wind- and water-resistant Explorer jacket (XS to 4XL) will be given to each guest while on board.


Announcements are given in English and German. Lectures are in English with simultaneous translation to German and Mandarin. In some occasions lectures will be given in German and translated simultaneously to English and Mandarin. Daily Programs will be in English and German. There will be Mandarin, English, German, and Nordic speaking staff on all explorer ships, except MS Nordstjernen where there will be English, French, German, and Nordic speaking staff on board.


Laundry service is available on board for a minimal cost. Dry cleaning is not offered.


Our experienced Expedition Team has an in-depth knowledge of the areas in which we sail. They conduct lectures on topics such as biology, history, and geology throughout the course of the trip. The schedule will be announced in the daily program.


The ship has a small selection of books on different topics that is available to guests while on board.


Guests can buy stamps and hand in their mail at the reception desk. We will forward the mail in ports where postal services are available. Please note that it may take an extended period of time for the mail to be received. Hurtigruten cannot be responsible for lost mail.

Medical Declaration Form

In accordance with IAATO and Hurtigruten AS, all guests traveling to Antarctica, Northeast Greenland, or on the Trans-Atlantic Crossing must complete a confidential medical declaration form, signed by a doctor, stating that they are fit to travel. This form will be sent to guests well in advance. The form must be completely filled out, brought on board the ship, and personally delivered to the doctor upon embarkation. Boarding may be denied if this form is not presented at time of embarkation.

Medical Emergencies & Medication

There is an English-speaking physician and nurse on board throughout the voyage. There is also a small medical facility with the necessary equipment and medication to handle minor medical needs. In the event of a serious emergency, the nearest hospital will be contacted. Guests are responsible for all medical consultations, medications, and all other expenses. We highly re­commend guests purchase a travel protection plan. We also recommend keeping medication in carry-on luggage, and medication should be properly labelled with clear instructions for its use. If guests depend on vital drugs, please inform the ship’s doctor upon arrival. Illness on board can lead to quarantine and orders from the ship’s physician and captain must be followed.

Observation Lounges

MS Midnatsol’s observation lounges are on decks 8 and 9.  They have large panoramic windows, ample comfortable seats, and a pair of binoculars so you can view the wildlife and ever-changing landscape.

Onboard Meals & Dietary Restrictions

Any special requests such as vegetarian, diabetic, or gluten-free should be noted at time of booking and contact the head waiter about their special request when on board. Hurtigruten does its best to accommodate such requests.  All voyages include buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner varies between buffets, set meals, and barbeques, and is announced in the daily program on board. Information about seating assignments will be available in the cabin upon arrival. Special requests for seating arrangements should be noted at time of booking.  Beer, wine, and soft drinks are not included during the day and may be purchased in the restaurant, cafeteria, and bar. Complimentary sparkling and still water are available for all meals on board MS Midnatsol.

Onboard Safety

Hurtigruten complies with all safety requirements suitable for sailing in polar regions. Before departure, there will be a mandatory passenger safety drill. Guests will be instructed in safety procedures, including the use and location of the safety equipment. A safety plan is located on the inside of the cabin door. Special safety regulations apply to tender boat landings. The Expedition Team will provide a mandatory safety briefing describing the tender boat guidelines. Life jackets are required during landings and will be provided prior to embarkation.

Outdoor Decks

MS Midnatsol has spacious outdoor areas. There is a large viewing area on deck 9, a perfect vantage point to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by.

Passport, Visa & Reciprocity Fees

All guests are advised to verify travel requirements for the countries through which they are entering. Hurtigruten will not be liable for any loss arising from guest being denied entry into any country or the seizure, confiscation, or impoundment of any personal property. Hurtigruten will not be responsible if guests are denied entry into a country. A passport is the only valid identification accepted on a Hurtigruten voyage. Driver’s licenses and identification cards are not accepted. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the scheduled return date of the trip. At check-in, passports will be collected in order to clear immigration and customs. Passports will be kept throughout the voyage and returned at the end of the trip. Please bring a photocopy of your passport.

As of March 24, 2016, the Argentine Government has suspended the collection of a reciprocity fee from US passport holders who visit the country for less than 90 days for tourist or business purposes.

Most North Americans can visit Chile without a visa for up to 90 days.  A tourist card is issued at the international port of entry. Some nationalities are required to pay a reciprocity fee when entering Chile. Rates depend on nationality and period of stay in Chile. These fees must be paid in cash.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the entry requirements of some of our destinations.

Room Service

There is room service in the suite category only.

Resident Photographers

The resident photographer invites guests to photography workshops outside on deck and teaches guests how to take the best pictures while on the voyage.


Seasickness pills are available for purchase at the reception desk. Guests who have experienced seasickness in the past should consult their physician prior to departure and bring any necessary medication. There are also sea bands available for purchase.

Shore Excursions

A selection of shore excursions is available to pre-book. Other excursions are only bookable on board. Excursion information will be provided in advance whenever possible or you will receive full details and prices on board. Excursions and their contents are subject to maximum/minimum number of guests and are subject to weather conditions.

Ship's Security

MS Midnatsol complies with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Security System) regulations.

All checked and carry-on luggage is subject to x-ray and metal detector inspection upon arrival to the ships and port facilities throughout the voyage.

Small-Boat Landings

Sturdy boats allow water-based exploration and safe landings in otherwise inaccessible areas. Guests will need to be agile to board the boats, and the boats are safe and comfortable to travel in. Guests are expected to wear proper footwear on all landings. It is mandatory to use rubber boots for all landings in Antarctica, however, the boots can be very useful in all destinations. Guests may bring their own boots, or rent a pair on board. Please note that landing operations depend on favorable conditions.


All cabins are designated as non-smoking. Guests are allowed to smoke on designated outside decks. Use the provided ashtrays. Throwing cigarette butts overboard is strictly prohibited. Smoking inside a cabin will result in a 1500 NOK (approximately $180 USD) cleaning charge.

Suite Service

Guests who book a suite receive a chilled glass of champagne when checking into the exclusive desk on deck 5. Special amenities include a welcome gift, complimentary beverages for lunch and dinner, including chilled filtered water, soft drinks, beer, and a selection of wine by the glass. An exclusive breakfast also includes made-to-order specialty foods. A kettle, coffee, tea, sweeteners, and cream are available in the suites, and the mini-bar has complimentary selections. Replenishment of the mini-bar is at guest’s expense.


Guests should check with their General Practitioner regarding any recommended vaccinations.


Tap water is potable in the cabins; complimentary sparkling and still water are served at all meals.


Guests should be careful while walking on the outside decks while at sea. Guests should also be aware of the doors toward the outer decks on deck 9 during windy conditions. Signs are posted when guests are not advised to go outside due to weather conditions. While inside, guests should hold onto railings and not the door frames.

Welcome Meeting

Upon arrival on board, there will be a welcome meeting where security information and practical information about the cruise will be presented. This is also an opportunity to be introduced to the key personnel on board and meet some of the other crew members. Before departure, there will be a mandatory passenger safety drill.

What to Wear

The dress code aboard our ships is relaxed and casual; guests are not expected to dress formally for meals. We suggest wearing several layers as the temperature and weather conditions may vary during the day. Breathable and windproof clothing are highly recommended, as well as a warm hat, gloves, scarf, and thermal clothing. Sturdy shoes are important for shore excursions and a walking stick/trekking pole may also be helpful. The gift shop has an assortment of clothing for every climate.

Wheelchairs & Limited Mobility

The ship is suitable for guests in using a wheelchair or who have limited mobility. If guests are in need of special assistance, we require traveling with a companion who can assist. The ship’s gangway must be used to embark/disembark guests in wheelchairs. In ports where sea and tidal conditions require use of a portable gangway, or during landings with tender boats, wheelchairs may not be used during embarkation or disembarkation, but may be taken along if the shore excursions are wheelchair-accessible.

Flights, Hotels & Transfers

Scheduled Flights

The airfares offered are special package tour fares that cannot be altered or cancelled without charge. All flight package prices are based on coach class; if coach class is not available, a supplement may apply. In coach class, you will be served snacks or sandwiches, depending on the airline. If these are not included in the airline’s service, you can purchase drinks and snacks for a fee. On international flights, these are usually included. We can offer upgrades to business class on some routes. Depending on the airline, this may also include seats with more legroom. Please note that upgrading may not apply to all flights. Baggage allowance varies between airlines and charges may apply if you exceed baggage weight, or carriage may be refused. As a general rule, each guest can carry one piece of hand baggage weighing approx. 13-17 lbs (dimensions and weight depend on the respective airline) on board. Your baggage allowance is set to one piece (50 lbs), but may vary depending on the flight connection; please check with your airline. Additional transport guidelines can be found in the respective terms and conditions of our flight partners. If you are planning to take a wheelchair or need assistance at the airport, please advise us at the time of booking. Please note that some flights may be transfer or layovers. Time and/or route changes and change of type of aircraft are possible. Our common flight partners are Delta, American Airlines, United, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM/Air France, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines, LATAM, Iberia, and Iceland Air. Please note that rebooking an already issued ticket will be charged before departure. A transfer or refund of a ticket after travel is not possible. Any flight times advised at the time of booking are provisional and subject to change; please verify before you travel.

Included flight from Buenos Aires-Ushuaia

The flights between Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and vice versa are operated by LATAM airlines and usually depart Buenos Aires early in the morning, and arrive in Buenos Aires in the afternoon or early evening upon return from Ushuaia. Please note that the airline will confirm the final flight times between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia only a few days prior to the day of departure. For final flight times and your boarding pass, please contact our hospitality desk at the hotel in Buenos Aires one day prior to departure.

Only coach class is available on these flights, no upgrades to higher air travel classes of service is possible. A light meal and non-alcoholic drinks will be served during the flight. You can travel with checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 lbs, and bring one carry-on bag on board with a maximum weight of 17 lbs.

Please note that this baggage allowance may differ from the airline used for your flight to/from Buenos Aires. Please check the weight of your baggage to ensure you adhere with airline requirements.

We do recommend planning an overnight stay in Buenos Aires at the end of your cruise due to connecting flights. However, if you decide not to, please do not book your international flight before 10 p.m., at the earliest. We are unable to accept responsibility if you miss your booked return flight in the event of a delay of the flight between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.

Please note that the flight to/from Ushuaia is planned to depart/arrive at the Jorge Newberry National Airport, the national airport of Buenos Aires. You need at least 4 hours to change airports in Buenos Aires for your connecting flight from Ezeiza, the international airport of Buenos Aires. The airport set-up is subject to change; your travel documents will provide you with the latest information.


The standard of the hotels we use is equivalent to 4 stars, centrally located, or if more convenient for your booked arrangement, close to the airport. There is no official hotel rating and local hotel categories apply. All rooms have private bathrooms. Single rooms may be smaller and less conveniently situated, and may be double rooms for solo occupancy or purpose-built single rooms. Hotels may charge for some facilities, such as saunas, for example. The price for the overnight hotel stay includes breakfast, if not stated differently on your confirmation.


Transfers are included as shown in your personal itinerary. Hurtigruten offers bus transfers from the airport to the pier and some hotels. Transfer times coincide with the ship’s arrival and departure times and your flight arrival and departure times. Waiting at the airport is possible. The duration of the airport transfer can vary depending on the destination, but it usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes. Exceptions are possible where a longer transfer time is needed due to a greater distance between airport and port. You will receive further information on your transfer with your travel documents.

For guests who are not fully mobile, wheelchair-accessible transfers are available upon request.

Land Adventures

Hurtigruten offers a selection of optional Land Adventures that can be added to your Hurtigruten journey. This can be a half-day or full-day Land Adventure, or an overnight tour. A minimum number of participants applies. For guests who are not fully mobile, Land Adventures are available upon request.

Accuracy Disclaimer

The information and descriptions have been checked by our staff and/or local agents to ensure they are correct. However, changes may occur after the date of publication and there may be occasions when Hurtigruten or local suppliers may withdraw some facilities. Should we become aware of any significant change, which may be considered to have an effect on the enjoyment of your travels, we will do our utmost to advise you.

Public holidays and religious festivals may also affect the availability of resort and hotel facilities. Tourist offices can provide details of such events. Many areas we visit are very remote and affected by prolonged cold weather or difficult terrain. Provision of facilities will be subject to local conditions, and customs and lifestyles may differ from those to which you are accustomed.