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GDPR Consent and Privacy Policy: FAQ

Q: Why have I received a request for my consent? A: On 25 May 2018, a new privacy regulation will take effect for countries in the EEA (European Economic Area). This new regulation requires all companies in the EEA to ask its customer database to reconfirm their consent to receive marketing communications. You are one of our valued subscribers, and we really don’t want to lose you after May! The email you’ve received is just us asking for you to re-agree that you are happy to continue to receive emails and/or printed flyers from us about Hurtigruten, our destinations, and any special offers that might be of interest to you. From our side, we’ll provide you with clear, transparent information on what data we collect about you, why we collect this data, and how we use it. Have a read of our privacy policy for more information.

Q: Is this email spam? A: This one is definitely not spam! The email you received from us regarding our new privacy policy is official and important information. We encourage you to take time to read through the information, and if you wish to do so (which we hope you will), please consent to our privacy policy.

Q: I don't accept these new regulations. What happens now? A: We are sorry that you don’t accept them, but of course, we respect your right not to. Please note that we will no longer be able to send you information about news and offers for Hurtigruten. We will still however communicate with you regarding your booking. We hope that you will come back to our newsletters soon, though! 

QWhat data do you collect? A: We will never collect any data that you have not provided and consented for us to have and use. Only data relevant for the service you book with us will be collected. Data that we are not obligated to keep due to laws and regulations, or that you have not consented to, will be deleted.

Q: What data do you collect from social media? A: Please see our Privacy policy and Cookie policy for details on what data we collect and how. We do not collect any information from your private social profiles.

We assure you the mail you received from us is not spam or phishing mail.

For further questions please send us an email: [email protected]