Svolværgeita seen from deck

Svolværgeita (The Svolvær Goat)

Leap from one mountaintop to another, 984 feet above the town of Svolvær.

No one traveling on the sea route to the Lofoten Islands and Svolvær could possibly miss the sight of Svolværgeita: two rock formations shaped like goat horns that loom over the town. This double peak, 1936 feet above sea level, caps off nearby Mount Fløya.

As with many mountains in northern Norway, Fløya has been the subject of legend and superstition. In the old days, many fishermen trekked up to offer the year's first catch of Lofot cod to the Svolværgeita. While traditions may have faded away, the vista from the top remains spectacular. Any who climbs to the mountaintop are still rewarded with a panoramic view of Svolvær and out across the sea.

For those adventurous enough there are a number of climbing routes up the mountainside. However, you’ll get the chance to take on the biggest dare of all right at the mountaintop: jumping five feet from one goat's horn to the other.

The trio of Ferdinand Schjelderup, Alf Bonnevie Bryn and Carl Wilhelm Rubenson first conquered Svolværgeita, on August 1st 1910. A hundred years later, nine year old Magnus Holm became the youngest person to reach the top. He also jumped between the horns.