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Introducing HX - FAQs

A new chapter in exploration.

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Why is the company rebranding? 

Hurtigruten is the specific name for the route along the Norwegian coast. However, in true explorer spirit, our expeditions venture far beyond the coast of Norway – in search of adventure from the Arctic to Antarctica. HX, short for Hurtigruten Expeditions, is a name that reflects our ever-expanding horizons while still paying homage to our storied history of pioneering seafaring. What’s more, the changes help to ensure distinct identities for our expedition-focused brand and for Hurtigruten which remains dedicated to sailing the Norwegian coast and serving its communities. 

What changes can customers expect? 

HX will continue to provide curious explorers with mindful adventures in the world's most awe-inspiring destinations. You’ll see our new name and our new look across our website, emails, social channels, printed materials, advertisements and on board. Rest assured there are no changes to your current booking, price, itinerary details or excursions and you don’t need to take any action. 

Will there be any changes to products or services? 

In turning this new page in our history, with a new name and look, we become even more focused on providing you with incredible experiences grounded in exploration, curiosity and sustainability. Beyond that clearer sense of what we’re all about, there are no changes that will affect your trip.  

Will the company's contact information change? 

The mailing address of our headquarters has also moved to: 210 Pentonville Road, N1 9JY, London, UK

What will happen to existing bookings and excursions?  

The details of any bookings, packages, excursions and more are unchanged and there are no actions or re-signings required by you.  

Will there be any disruptions in service during the rebranding process?

There will be no disruptions in service and no changes to any existing itineraries as a result of our new name and look. We’ll continue exploring places we know well like Antarctica and the Galápagos Islands as well as venturing to new places like West Africa and Cape Verde, two incredible Northwest Passage voyages and sailings starting and ending in Nuuk, bringing you closer to Greenland’s jaw-dropping scenery.   

Is there a new logo or visual identity?

Yes, you’ll start to see our new logo across our website, emails, social channels, printed materials, advertisements and on board starting from 12 December. Note that some emails sent by us shortly after the 12th may still feature the old logo as all our systems get updated.    

Will the website URL change? 

Starting in April, our website will move to www.travelhx.com/us and any bookmarks or saved links you might have will be automatically redirected to this new address.   

What about expedition jackets, water bottles and other items that are given to guests free of charge? 

We will continue to make our current red jackets available for guests on upcoming Antarctic sailings as we want to use all of these before switching to a new style of jacket which will be available later in 2024.     While we transition, supplies of some sized jackets may be unavailable on some ships. In these cases, guests will be offered either a waterproof bag, unbranded jacket or credit to spend in our onboard shop. Our new water bottles will be available on some ships as of May 2024. 

How will customer support be affected during rebranding? 

You’ll start to notice our travel advisors referring to Hurtigruten Expeditions as “HX” and the emails and invoices you receive from us will refer to “HX” instead of Hurtigruten Expeditions. Beyond that, there are no changes to how you reach us, when you can contact us or what kind of support you’ll get from us.   

How can customers provide feedback or report issues during the rebranding process? 

The best way to give us feedback is during the post-cruise survey. We’ll send you a link via email a few days after your trip which asks a number of different questions. Whether it’s feedback on your trip, your time on board, your expeditions or your thoughts on our new name, we always want your input!  

What steps are being taken to ensure a smooth transition for customers? 

Everything from the signage that helps you know where to go when you arrive at the airport or hotel right through to ensuring our website and email addresses continue to work has been thought through. We’re ensuring Customers will see our new name and look but won’t need to take any other actions to enjoy their trip.  

Is there a dedicated helpline for rebranding-related inquiries? 

There’s no separate phone number you’ll need to remember to ask about our new name and look. Instead, you can contact us the usual ways via email  or phone.   

What should customers do if they have further questions or concerns? 

 If you have a question related to our new name which isn’t answered here, please contact us via email or phone and we’ll get an answer over to you as soon as possible.  

How will this affect the AMB membership account or subscription? 

For members of 1893 Ambassadors, there is no change to your status and benefits and there’s nothing you need to do. However, when hearing about exclusive offers and perks, you’ll start hearing more about “HX” rather than “Hurtigruten Expeditions”.  

Will there be any changes in pricing? 

Our new name won’t have any impact on our pricing. However, we constantly have offers that you can find in the “Offers” section of our website.  

Are there any new promotions or offers associated with the rebranding? 

We have several ongoing offers, including up to 40% off selected expeditions that you can find in the “Offers” section of our website. 

Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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