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Visit a piece of Norway in Alaska and learn how ancient traditions are preserved.
  • Discover Norwegian heritage at a cultural event at Petersburg’s Sons of Norway Lodge

  • Experience a dance performance connecting people in Petersburg to their Norwegian heritage

  • Taste delicious traditional Norwegian cakes

  • Learn the history of this traditional Alaskan community and about their link to Norway

Proud heritage

Welcome to Petersburg, an Alaskan community with strong Norwegian roots. At the Sons of Norway Lodge, the community takes immense pleasure in sharing their heritage and story. You’ll taste home-baked Norwegian cakes, and dancers will perform in the traditional folk costume, bunad. Visit the Bojer Wikan Fishermen’s Memorial Park next door and the replica Viking ship ‘Valhalla’.

Practical information

Practical information:

  • Included: Coffee and Pastry

  • Remarks: Guests should dress appropriately for the weather.

  • Language: English

  • Walking information: Short 10-minute walk from the docks and one block of the town on the way to / from the Sons of Norway hall

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes

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