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On a guided tour to the ancient ruins of Izapa, learn about Mayan cosmology and see Tapachula highlights.
  • Explore the ancient archaeological sites of Izapa and learn how it was once a centre for the Mayas and Aztecs

  • Learn about the sacred Maya calendar on a visit to Tapachula town square

  • Stroll picturesque Tapachula at your leisure and admire the historical colonial architecture

  • On a visit to Chiapas, see Izapa and Tapachula, and learn about archaeology, history and architecture

Magnificent Mayan sites

Journey aboard an air-conditioned bus to the ancient ruins of Izapa. Experience Mexico’s past and present as you explore the ancient Mayan archaeological site. Visit the planetarium and learn about Maya cosmology at Tapachula’s town square on a sightseeing adventure that will both educate and delight you.

Practical information

  • Language: English and Spanish

  • Remarks/requirements: Comfortable clothing and walking shoes, extra money

  • Walking information: 1 km walk; mostly even terrain

  • Wheelchair accessible: No

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