West Africa & Cape Verde Cruises

Explore the unique history and vibrant culture of isolated Cape Verde, alongside the remarkable biodiversity of the tropical Bissagos Islands.

West Africa & Cape Verde Expedition Cruises

Discover West African wildlife in mangroves, palm groves, coastal savannahs, and the UNESCO-protected biosphere of the Bissagos Islands. Visit Dakar and Banjul, two of West Africa’s colourful capitals and learn about the sad history of the slave trade. Witness Cape Verde’s Portuguese colonial heritage along with the history of its Indigenous people. See our itineraries, activities and offers.

West Africa & Cape Verde itineraries

Travel between November and January when the weather is at its best. Choose from 13 to 17-day itineraries, taking in coastal West Africa, Cape Verde, Bissagos and the Canary Islands.

Activities in Cape Verde

Visit Cape Verde and enjoy culture and adventure on included and optional activities in some of the more offbeat parts of this African archipelago.

Wildlife of the Bissagos Islands

Among West Africa’s wildlife, you’ll find saltwater hippos, sea turtles, crocodiles, manatees, dolphins, monkeys, endemic bird species and migratory birds.

Expedition Team

Your Expedition Team will guide you on hikes, landings, and expedition boat cruising. They also present talks on science, nature, history and more.

Cape Verde FAQ

Find answers to popular questions about our West Africa expedition cruises, including Cape Verde and the Bissagos Islands.

Stunning landscapes

Explore West Africa’s stunning landscapes as you hike volcanic mountains, walk among sand dunes and learn about the area’s fascinating geology.

African adventure

Enjoy wildlife safaris, city tours, expedition boat cruising and kayaking trips among the islands of West Africa and Cape Verde.

Activities in West Africa and Cape Verde

Coastal West Africa offers superb opportunities for discovery and adventure, and you’ll experience it for yourself on included and optional activities with your expedition cruise. Go on nature walks on volcanic islands, try sea kayaking, and join expedition boat wildlife safaris or cultural tours as you travel around West Africa and Cape Verde.

Wild animals of West Africa

See a wide variety of wildlife from manatees and rare saltwater hippos to sea turtles, mambas and crocodiles on your visit to West Africa.

West African wildlife

Where the tropics meet the temperate waters of the eastern-Atlantic, Cape Verde’s climate has created a habitat for endemic bird species to evolve and flourish. Further south, the Bissagos Islands in Guinea-Bissau – a biosphere reserve and coastal wetland – are a haven for monkeys, gazelles, crocodiles, manatees, turtles and rare saltwater hippos. Watch for whales and dolphins too.

Historic cities

Learn about West Africa’s tribal heritage, indigenous communities and the history of colonisation and the slave trade when you visit Dakar, Banjul and Praia.

Expedition Team West Africa and Cape Verde

Your Expedition Team are your guides on your West Africa adventure. They’ll help you create the best travel experiences, whether that’s walking in dramatic volcanic landscapes, kayaking along tropical coasts, or cruising through tangled mangroves to spot elusive saltwater hippos on an expedition boat safari.

Expedition Ships to West Africa and Cape Verde

Travel aboard the modern, nimble and environmentally progressive MS Spitsbergen. Enjoy the comforts of your expedition cruise ship as you explore many islands on a West Africa cruise.

Responsible, respectful travel

We’re committed to sustainable and low impact operations. When we visit small island communities, we ensure our cultural interactions are respectful and mutually beneficial.

West Africa and Cape Verde FAQ

Find out what you need to know about Cape Verde and West Africa archipelago before you travel.

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