Transoceanic Cruises

Transformative journeys of enrichment and wellness.

Transoceanic Expedition Cruises

Invigorate both your mind and body on a transoceanic cruise as you immerse yourself in our wellness programme or delve into oceanography. Come with us on a journey of scientific discovery at sea learning with our Expedition Team or enjoy a holistic wellness retreat with our health and fitness instructors. See our itineraries, activities and offers.

Transoceanic cruises

Choose health-focused or oceanography-focused transocean tours from Buenos Aires to Portugal, Nova Scotia to Panama or Barbados to Reykjavík.


Enjoy included activities like yoga, tai chi, guided and unguided meditations, learning about the currents and ocean navigation, Citizen Science and microscope drawing workshops on our transocean trips.


Look out for bird and marine life as you sail. You might see whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles. Gulls, frigate birds and boobies are among the seabirds that can cross the ocean. 

Expedition Team

Join science and wellness experts for lectures, demonstrations, experiments and activities in the Science Center, the onboard wellness spa and out on deck.

Enriching activities

Learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle in our holistic wellness workshops on topics like yoga, meditation and nutrition.

An educational experience

Get hands on as you learn about oceans and sea navigation through environmentally focused activities and workshops.

Ocean wildlife

As you enjoy the activities on our transoceanic cruises, don’t miss out on stunning views of the Atlantic. Sea turtles, dolphins, whales and countless fish fill the waters, while seabirds occupy the sky above. Overhead, look for Audubon's Shearwater and the Brown Noddy. In open, tropical waters, you might even spot sea turtles swimming among the mats of golden Sargassum seaweed.

First-class amenities

Our expedition ships come with a Science Center, hot tubs, gym, and restaurants serving delicious and healthy meals.

Transoceanic Expedition Team

You’ll get to know your Expedition Team well on our transoceanic voyages. Made up of marine biologists, oceanographers, yoga instructors and other wellness specialists, they’ll keep you engaged in talks, activities and workshops. learn in-depth about the ocean currents, their effect on climate and the marine ecosystems they support.

Expedition Ships

Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience aboard our modern expedition ships. Furnished with premium onboard amenities, including a fully-equipped Science Center, hot tubs, gym, and delicious, healthy menus, our elegant ships offer a serene antidote to life on land. See the ships you’ll be sailing on.

Make a difference

As we cross the ocean, we focus on the issues of marine conservation and sustainability. Learn how you can make a difference in wellness activities and our Citizen Science program.