Caribbean and Central America

From verdant volcanic peaks to coral-filled waters, Mayan temples, and exotic wildlife – Central America and the Caribbean have it all.

Central America Expedition Cruises

Discover a different side to the Caribbean and Central America. Our expedition cruises take you where the big ships can’t: sleepy fishing villages, small coastal communities and remote islands. Immerse yourself in the tropical wildlife, diverse ecosystems and pre-Columbian history as you visit Belize, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and Panama. See our itineraries, activities and offers.

Expedition cruises to Central America

Choose from 10 to 17-day trips. Explore Central America’s Pacific Coast and visit some of the Caribbean’s best island paradises.

Activities in Central America

Enjoy included and optional activities like hiking up a volcano, snorkelling among sharks or kayaking in crystal waters.

Central American Wildlife

You’ll visit UNESCO biosphere reserves, national parks and mangrove forests, home to turtles, tropical birds, monkeys, dolphins and manta rays.

Expedition Team in Central America

Your Expedition Team give talks, guide hikes and landings, and take you expedition boat cruising.

Unbelievable sights

Discover the pristine beaches, lagoons, atolls and reefs that this region is famous for.

Tropical adventures

Animal lovers, bird watchers and photographers will relish the wealth of dream settings. Snorkel, kayak or paddleboard among colourful marine life. Or go off the beaten track on nature landings.

Diverse wildlife habitats

Central America and the Caribbean are home to lowland rainforests, beaches, mangrove swamps and waterfalls – each rich with incredible wildlife.

Central America and Caribbean wildlife

You’ll experience a thrilling mix of wildlife in Central America and the Caribbean. The calls of howler monkeys and the hum of insects reverberate through the jungle. The colourful plumage of toucans and macaws decorate the lush emerald canopy. And its waters hide vibrant coral reefs, home to shimmering fish, sea turtles, and manta rays.

Lost civilisations

Visit fascinating archaeological sites with your Expedition Team, and discover the history and traditions of the Aztec, Maya, and Caribs peoples.

Expedition Team Central America and Caribbean

Your Expedition Team will introduce you to the rich history, cultures, communities and wildlife of Central America in lectures and as your guides on activities. Explore with them in the Science Center, on walks, landings and while expedition boat cruising.

Helping local communities

Take part in environmental initiatives and support local community projects as you explore. Join us to donate supplies to a school in Granada, Nicaragua.