South America Cruises

Explore the Pacific coastline of South America, and get up close and personal with exotic wildlife and ancient civilisations.

South America Expedition Cruises

The extraordinary diversity of South America’s landscapes, wildlife and history make it a rich, colourful and exciting region to explore. It’s a land of dense rainforests, glacial fjords, ancient ruins, sandy beaches and bustling cities – ripe for active adventure. From the Scarlet Macaw to the wild guanaco, our Expedition Team will help you spot South America’s most famous animals.

Expedition cruises to South America

Our itineraries explore the west coast of South America from Panama, Ecuador and Peru down to Chile and Patagonia. Add on Lake Titicaca, Galápagos or Machu Picchu for the adventure of a lifetime.

Activities in South America

While on your South America expedition, enjoy a range of included and optional activities, taking in some of the best things to do, from history and culture to birdwatching and hiking.

Wildlife in South America

Spread over diverse biomes, South America is home to an incredible array of birds, animals and sea life. Expect to see tropical birds and jungle animals, as well as condors and mountain camelids.

South America FAQ

Get the answers to your questions on South America in our FAQ section.

Ancient treasures

South America has a wealth of historical riches. Discover ancient archaeological sites like Machu Picchu and Chan Chan, and visit UNESCO-listed Spanish colonial-era centres.

Satisfy your inner explorer

Our wide range of activities reflect the diverse destinations you’ll visit on your South American expedition cruise – from landings, town tours and community visits to hiking, kayaking and wildlife watching.

Activities in South America

Our goal is to provide you with a thrilling exploration of South America, whether that’s hiking through rainforests, kayaking on Lake Titicaca, or meeting Kawéskar villagers in Chile. With our wide range of landings, included activities and optional excursions, designed for all interests and activity levels, you’ll experience the best this incredible continent has to offer. See some of the options here.

Magnificent birdlife

A birdwatcher’s paradise – spot the mighty Andean Condor, colourful Toco Toucan and Scarlet Macaw as you travel through South America.

South American wildlife

South America’s rich biodiversity is a major draw for nature lovers, birders and photographers. Our expedition cruises take in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador’s Isla de la Plata, Peru’s Ballestas Islands, as well as four of Chile’s national parks including Torres del Paine. Encounter animals such as turtles, iguanas, whales, elephant seals, condors, monkeys and guanacos, to name but a few.

Andean nature

Discover the diverse ecosystems along the western coast of South America from the Atacama Desert and Valdivian rainforest to the glacial fjords of Chilean Patagonia.

Expedition Team South America

Your Expedition Team will host lectures and share fascinating insights as you visit indigenous communities, national parks and historical sites. Learn about South America’s rich history, diverse cultures and varied wildlife. You’ll go out on our small expedition boats and explore less travelled places, guided by your Expedition Team.

Supporting local projects

We support projects that benefit local people in the places we visit through the Hurtigruten Foundation. One such project is Ushuaia te abraza, which helps facilitate education in Argentinian communities.

South America FAQ

Find out more about South America on our FAQ page.

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