Grand Expedition Cruises

Embark on the ultimate global adventure and follow in the wake of the great explorers on one of our Grand Expedition Cruises.

Be a modern-day explorer on a Grand Expedition Cruise

Ignite your sense of adventure as you set sail on a truly phenomenal globe-spanning Grand Expedition Cruise like no other.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of exploring the pristine fjords of Greenland, setting foot in the lost Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, or sailing through the tropical Panama Canal, you’ll be guided by your sense of adventure and appetite for discovery as you witness jaw-dropping scenery, cities buzzing with culture and some of the planet’s most amazing wildlife.

Inspired by the Arctic and Antarctic explorers of yesteryear, our Pole-to-Pole Grand Expedition Cruises last several months at a time, while others focus on a particular region. Following a flexible itinerary, you’ll enjoy a truly unique experience in sustainable style aboard our comfortable and fully equipped expeditions ships. Exclusively developed by explorers like us for explorers like you, we’ve crafted a selection of planet-spanning journeys representing the zenith of 21st-century expedition cruising.

Cuverville Island, Antarctica
Photo Credit: Karsten Bidstrup

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