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Learn more about the spectacular destinations and attractions that you can experience on an expedition cruise with us

Grand Expedition Cruises

Embark on the ultimate global adventure and follow in the wake of the great explorers on one of our Grand Expedition Cruises.

British Isles

Explore the beautiful and scenic British Isles, from rugged English cliffs and remote Scottish islands to historic Irish cities packed with culture.


Take an expedition cruise to Alaska to see iconic wildlife against a backdrop of rugged wilderness and majestic scenery.


Go ashore and on small boat cruises to discover charming wildlife and spectacular frozen landscapes - from snowy mountains to icebergs and glaciers.


Old civilizations, magnificent cities and hidden gems - prepare to be amazed by the rich continent of Europe on a sailing down its historical coastline. From the legendary fjords of Norway to the magic of Northern Africa, our intimate cruises let you explore iconic and picturesque destinations in an active way, giving you rare insight into European history and culture.

Galápagos Islands

The wild beauty and unique ecology of the Galápagos Islands make for the perfect expedition cruise destination. With rugged volcanic scenery and tame wildlife, little has changed since Charles Darwin set foot here in 1835.


Pristine, beautiful, peaceful – these are some of the words often used to describe Greenland, and we’ll show you why. See pale blue glacial ice sparkle in the sun, walk through lush green valleys and Arctic tundra, and look out for wildlife from Arctic foxes to polar bears, depending on where we go.


For almost 130 years, we’ve sailed to some of the world’s most remote lands. Through hikes, small boat cruises and shore excursions, you’ll delve deeper into Iceland’s seismic landscape. Sailing along Iceland’s coastline, you’ll learn more about this fascinating country, discovering tight-knit communities, industries, and historical landmarks.

North America

Colourful coastal cities, charming towns, and jaw-dropping national parks – come and discover the Atlantic or Pacific coasts of North America with us.

Northwest Passage

With over 128 years of sailing experience in polar waters, our pioneering heritage stretches back to an era of adventuring when ocean charts were still being drawn. Back then, the presence of a northern passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans was unproven. It wasn’t until Roald Amundsen navigated the icy maze that this remote wilderness route became a reality.


Join an expedition cruise in Norway from Hamburg, Dover or Bergen to North Cape and back. These expeditions are the perfect choice to uncover gems of the stunning Norwegian coast, exclusively handpicked by those who know it best.

South America

South America is a realm rich in the archaeological treasures of great civilisations, colonial influences, the majestic Andean mountains, and the fjords and glaciers of Patagonia. You’ll encounter awe-inspiring biodiversity in the region’s many national parks and nature reserves.


Explore the Svalbard archipelago, located halfway between Norway and the North Pole.

The Caribbean and Central America

From verdant volcanic peaks to coral-filled waters, Mayan temples, and exotic wildlife – Central America and the Caribbean have it all.

West Africa and Cape Verde

An expedition cruise to Cape Verde and the Bissagos Islands combines unique cultures and rare wildlife in one constantly fascinating journey.


Dive into the science of the oceans or jumpstart a healthier lifestyle on a transformative and enriching cruise at sea.