Panama Canal, Native Communities and Cultures with Galápagos Islands

Departure date
16 days

See Galápagos wildlife on a South American cultural adventure

  • 16-day expedition cruise down South America's Pacific coast, from Panama and Colombia to Ecuador and Peru, sailing through the Panama Canal.

  • Spend three days in the Galápagos archipelago, including beautiful Santa Cruz Island, seeing unforgettable wildlife.

  • Visit Ecuador and Peru, encountering indigenous coastal communities, as well as ancient cultures that have shaped this region.

Ancient traditions and diverse cultures

Cruise through the magnificent Panama Canal, seeing its giant locks up close and looking out for Pacific Ocean wildlife along the way. Meet the indigenous Embera people, visit Afro Colombian Bahía Solano, and discover the UNESCO-listed treasures of Quito, Lima and Trujillo.

Galápagos adventures

Your expedition ends with a three-day tour of the famous Galápagos Islands, where you’ll explore spectacular landscapes, and observe wildlife endemic to the islands—Darwin’s finches, giant tortoises and bright marine iguanas.

What's Included

Post-Program to Galápagos Island after the cruise  

Expedition Cruise  

Onboard Activities 

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Embarking at Colón

Day 1

Through the Panama Canal

Day 2

Meet the Embera tribe

Day 3

Afro Colombian culture

Day 4

Relax and learn onboard

Day 5

Made in Montecristi

Day 6

Birds of Isla de la Plata

Day 7

Bountiful Puerto Bolivar

Day 8

Science and leisure

Day 9

Trujillo and Chan Chan

Day 10

High up in Quito

Day 11

Discover Quito

Day 12

Santa Cruz Island

Day 13

Galápagos island hopping 

Day 14–15

Return to Ecuador

Day 16

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Included Programmes

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