Between the Poles

Our Epic Global Expedition Cruise

Price from $44,733

Departure date
August 30, 2023
66 days

Join us as we sail from the Arctic to Antarctica, discovering culture and wildlife in seven countries over 66 days on one epic expedition cruise.

Join us on a bucket-list expedition cruise from Canada to Antarctica as we combine several classic itineraries into a single epic journey. With a focus on science, learning and sustainability, you’ll travel aboard our comfortable expedition ship MS Fram, and follow in the wake of past explorers as we traverse the Americas in all their raw beauty. 

From the Arctic to Antarctica 

This is an expedition cruise like no other. Starting off in Montréal, Canada, we’ll begin our 66-day cruise from Cambridge Bay in the Arctic, before making our way through the fabled Northwest Passage to coastal Greenland, Newfoundland and Labrador. We’ll turn south through the Atlantic, enjoying an onboard wellness program and lectures from the Expedition Team, before passing through the Panama Canal to the Pacific. 

After paying a visit to an indigenous tribe in the little-visited Darien region and exploring the remote Isla de la Plata, we’ll continue down the Pacific coast of South America. Here, we’ll experience a mix of culture and nature, exploring Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile before witnessing the ethereal splendor of Patagonia, and—finally—the pristine otherworldly beauty of Antarctica. 

Soul, spirit and sustainability 

Your onboard Expedition Team have a passion for guiding, and they’ll inspire you throughout, ensuring your cruise will be as adventurous, educational and ecologically sustainable as possible. Along the way you can learn yoga and meditation with our highly trained staff during your cruise as we focus on your wellness.

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Onboard activities

Landing activities

Route overview

We'll help you plan where to go, when to visit and how long to stay

Day 1

Quebec’s Premier City, overnight

Day 2

Canadian Arctic island

Day 3–10

Into the heart of the Northwest Passage

Day 11–19

Baffin Bay to Greenland and Atlantic Canada

Day 20–27

Oceanography and wellness

Day 28–45

Embera people, Inca history & the Panama Canal

Day 46–55

Cruising toward the Antarctic

Day 56–62

The fabled frozen continent of Antarctica

Day 63–65

Relax and unwind

Day 66

Every ending is a new beginning...

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Between the Poles

Our Epic Global Expedition Cruise