Photo showing an elderly woman in the snow, behind her a street with beautiful and colorful, small wooden houses

Caring for the Coast – People

We support those who live along Norway’s coast and you, the traveler, here to experience its authentic, everyday life.

Our first service connecting coastal communities began in 1893. We’ve been there for the people who call them home ever since. Thanks to our ships, friendships have formed, romances have blossomed, and families have flourished. Knowing that we’ve helped make those relationships happen and that we’ve sustained them makes what we do truly worthwhile. 

Sailing with us, you’ll see how people are at the heart of our voyage. Take a glimpse into their everyday life, learn about Norwegian coastal culture, and be a part of the historic heartbeat that has kept these communities going for nearly 130 years.

Tying people together 

To your delight, you’ll see that the Norwegian coastline is a maze of mountains, criss-crossed by thousands of fjords, and dotted with innumerable islands. While this landscape makes for exceptionally beautiful scenery, it also means traveling by land can be difficult, especially the higher up in the Arctic you go. As an example, out of the 34 ports we call at, only three of them link to the train network.  

This is where The Hurtigruten Coastal Express shines. We brave all kinds of weather in all seasons - wind, rain, snow, and storms - to act as a lifeline for the people living in communities on the coast.  Through us, these coastal communities are no longer isolated or alone. Instead, they are connected to ports and to people along almost the entire length of the country. And through your visits, they are connected to the rest of the world.  

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The tapestry of life

For 130 years, our ships have been weaving through the fjords and in between the islands, stitching together the social fabric that has made the Norwegian coast what it is today. Local knitting clubs meet up on our ships. Romantics come aboard to celebrate anniversaries, and it’s a tradition in some families to enjoy their Christmas lunch with us. 

People on the coast know the time of day just by the sight of our ships on the horizon. We have become a household name and our ship colours of white, red, and black are as iconic to Norwegians as red buses are to Londoners and yellow cabs to New Yorkers. Ask anyone on the coast and they’ll have fond stories to tell you about us from over the years.

Alongside locals

For you, our connection to the people on the Norwegian coast means you’ll be traveling with Norwegians who also sail with us. Maybe you’ll get chatting to a local entrepreneur traveling for business, or see multi-generational families on a short holiday, or hear the excited chatter of kids on a school trip. Don’t be surprised either to see local soccer teams traveling on our ships on their way to matches.

Eager local man talking in a old wooden house
Three children standing behind the fence on top of the city mountain in Tromsø. They are overlooking Tromsø city.

Inimitable intimacy 

This makes for an entirely authentic experience. Everything you see is real. No interaction is staged. Just pure, unfiltered life on the Norwegian coast, as genuine and honest as it comes.  

Sailing with us, you’ll realize that the close relationship we share with the coastal communities we’ve been sustaining from generation to generation isn’t something that can ever be copied. We’ve grown up together with these communities, supporting one another through the tough times as well as the good. We’re family, and nothing can replace that. 

You’ll see this in every wave we receive from shore, from every joke shared with our crew, from every smile. There is a fondness in how people here view us. It’s built on years and years of our ships being like a reliable relative to them, always there whenever they’ve needed us, and bringing crucial cargo to all corners of the coast.