Kristiansund Norway HGR 148444 1920 Photo Rune Kongsro

The Atlantic Ocean Road

Taste the sea and enjoy the coastal life along the world’s most scenic drive.

Dubbed by many as one of the world’s most beautiful road trips, the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien/Atlanterhavsvegen) is undoubtedly one of the most scenic routes in Norway. Although it spans only 8.2 kilometres in length, this remarkable road is one of Norway’s national tourist routes and is listed as a cultural heritage site.

The road opened in 1989 and has since been expanded, from Bud in Fræna Municipality to Karvåg on Averøy Island in Møre og Romsdal County. Along the way, it crosses eight bridges between islets and skerries where the ocean washes against the northwestern shores of Norway.

As you traverse, on two wheels or four, there are many opportunities and viewpoints from which to soak up the coastal environment. At Eldhusøya, you can take a stroll around the entire islet along a latticed walkway that follows the ocean’s edge. If you want to stay overnight, there accommodation options on Averøy that also offer fishing trips with a local. During the summer, you can take the boat from Geitøya to Håholmen and explore the island's traditional fishing village.

Visit the Atlantic Ocean Road with Hurtigruten

The closest Hurtigruten port of call to the Atlantic Ocean Road is Molde, where you can join a guided bus tour.