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Highlights along the Norwegian coast

From magnificent fjords and mighty mountains to historic cities and culture-rich towns, there are many wonders to explore on the Norwegian coast.

Spanning 102,937km, Norway's mainland coastline - including its 1,190 fjords and 50,000 islands - is the second longest in the world after Canada. To put this into context - if stretched out, Norway's coastline would circle the Earth some two and a half times.

To truly experience Norway’s coast, then, it's best to do as Norwegians have done for centuries and explore by ship. We’ve been sailing these waters since 1893 – nobody knows Norway’s coastal highlights like we do.

Not to be missed


The North Cape

Once you’ve experienced this dramatic plateau, you will understand why it is one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Norway.

A group of red rorbuer (fishing houses) on stilts in Svinøya in the Lofoten Islands in Norway

Lofoten and Vesterålen

Jagged mountains, small fishing towns and sandy beaches - Lofoten and Vesterålen are must-visits when searching for the authentic Norway.


The Helgeland Coast

Stretching across the Arctic Circle from Rørvik up to Ørnes, the Helgeland Coast is often singled out as one of the most enjoyable parts of a Norwegian cruise.

Natural wonders

The Norwegian fjords are naturally top of the wishlist for many visitors, but there are plenty of other spectacular natural attractions to keep an eye out for as you explore Norway's coast.

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View of Finnkirka from deck



Towns and cities along the Norwegian coast


The best things to do in Bergen

Surrounded by fjords and seven mountains, Bergen offers the ideal combination of nature, culture, history and exhilarating city life.

Nidaros Cathedral in winter under a blanket of snow

Historic sites in Trondheim

Founded by the Vikings in the 10th century, Trondheim is one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the country. 

Hammerfest Church Hammerfest Norway HGR 54505 1920 Photo Orjan Bertelsen

Get to know Hammerfest

Situated in northern Norway, the Arctic port of Hammerfest holds the distinction of being the region's oldest city.

Norway's UNESCO sites

From prehistoric rock art to majestic fjords, Norway has eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, each of which is worth a visit before or after your Norway cruise.


History and architecture


Trondenes Church

Dating from the 13th century, Trondenes is the world’s northernmost medieval church.


Kjeungskjær Lighthouse

Perched on a tiny skerry, this distinctive seamark shines across the busy shipping lane at Bjungfjord. 


The Atlantic Ocean Road

Crossing eight bridges in northwest Norway, the Atlantic Ocean Road has been dubbed as "the world’s most scenic drive".