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Spring in Norway

Welcome to the season that has a special place in the hearts of Norwegians. We even have a word that captures all the goodness that spring brings: vårfølese, which we translate as 'springfulness'.

'Springfulness' is our antidote to winter blues, lifting spirits and brightening smiles. The extra 'spring' in your step at seeing the first wildflower peeking out of the snow. The joy from hearing birds chirping from the branches of blossom-laden trees. The soft warmth of the spring sunshine on your skin. Those all make up our sense of 'springfulness'.

Along the Norwegian coast, there's plenty of 'springfulness' in the air. Listen to the thundering roar of waterfalls swollen with new meltwater. Gaze at breathtaking views of Norway's fjords; the surrounding mountaintops still dusted with a coating of snow.


The best of sun and snow

Spring in Norway has multiple phases, and a voyage with us along the length of the coast will let you see all of them.

Southern Norway blooms first, with verdant slopes, cyan skies, and the first flowers. Norway's northern counties are where you'll find the last of the year's snow coating the rugged landscape.

Getting your dose of springfulness

Enjoy the warmer weather in the south with hikes and kayaking trips. Northern Norway in the Arctic will be a white wonderland for fun excursions like dog sledding.

A group of people riding skis on a snowy hill


Husky Tour


Flavours of spring

Our floating restaurants prepare seasonal menus filled with local ingredients from the ports we visit. Spring is the time for seafood, so look forward to delicacies like fresh mussels, shrimp and King Crab.

During Easter, Norwegians traditionally cook lamb or rakfisk (fermented fish), accompanied by first pick of the year's vegetables. It's also customary for us to eat lots of oranges at Easter - and tonnes of our Kvikk Lunsj chocolate.

Savouring the moment

You're sitting outside, watching rays of sunlight come across the mountain peaks. A locally brewed Norwegian beer in your hand. You hear birdsong, excited chatter, and laughter. The crisp taste of beer matches the cool air.

The is you sipping what we call an utepils, an 'outdoor beer'. For us Norwegians, the year's first utelpils is always enjoyed in spring. It's a time-honoured tradition that sums up everything we love about 'springfulness'.


Celebrate like a Norwegian

There's a distinctly festive vibe in Norway throughout spring. Our Easter holiday is synonymous with yellow flowers, Easter egg hunts, and curling up with a good crime novel. Norway Day is one big party of colourful parades, delicious banquets, and beautifully embroidered costumes called bunad.

We'll bring both celebrations aboard the ship with Easter activites for kids big and small as well as a mini Norway Day parade on 17 May with traditional treats.