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Stamsund – the essence of Lofoten

Stamsund provides a genuine Lofoten experience and a unique encounter with the Viking era.

This charming fishing village is located on the south side of the island of Vestvågøy in the Lofoten archipelago, along the Vestfjord. With a population of 1,000, Stamsund is an important fishing port and the largest base for Lofoten trawl fishing. Gradually, more and more tourists discover Lofoten, with its marvellous scenery, enhanced by the midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter. Lofoten’s legendary seasonal fishery takes place from January to April, with bustling activity on land and sea. The waters off Stamsund offer excellent opportunities for fishing, especially in March. The surrounding mountains offer ample opportunities for hiking.

Lofotr Viking Museum is situated close to Stamsund. It is built around an archaeological site that was a sensation when it was discovered in 1983. The excavation slowly but surely uncovered the largest house found anywhere in the Viking world. The farm is now rebuilt to its former glory. Meet the Vikings and marvel at the intriguing finds from the excavation.

Port address

J. M. Johansens vei 11, 8340 Stamsund