Norwegian coastal ports

Colourful houses on the River Nid in the Norwegian port town of Trondheim

The ports along the Norwegian coast make up a colourful parade of larger and smaller coastal towns and villages, each with its own personality. They include Norway’s second- and third-largest cities – Bergen and Trondheim – and enrich your voyage with inspiring lessons in history, geography, and culture.

Norway alesund Byrampen Viewpoint Summer HGR 163711 1080 Photo Getty Images

Ålesund – the Art Nouveau town

Situated at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord, Ålesund could have been taken right out of a fairy tale.

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The ruggedly charming village of Båtsfjord is a major hub of the Norwegian fishing industry

Båtsfjord – welcome to the wilderness of Finnmark

This ruggedly charming village is a major hub of the Norwegian fishing industry.

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Bergen – gateway to the fjords

Bergen is an international city with a small-town atmosphere.

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Norway Berlevag Kjolnes Lighthouse Winter HGR 163764 1080 Photo Getty Images

Berlevåg – “cool and crazy”

Berlevåg offers wide horizons and unforgettable landscapes.

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Norway Bodo Summer HGR 163732 Photo Kent Evan Grundstad

Bodø – the perfect whirlpool of culture, countryside, and sea

The world’s strongest tidal current, the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, and an exciting cultural vibe.

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Torghatten mountain in Brønnøysund

Brønnøysund – coastal charm right in the middle of Norway

A pretty little town rich in history and maritime atmosphere.

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An aerial view of the port town of Finnsnes

Finnsnes – the gateway to Senja

Fisheries and agriculture add character to this small town in sheltered waters south of Tromsø.

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Norway Floro Stabben Lighthouse Winter HGR 163723 1920 Photo Paul Kristian Olaussen

Florø – Norway's westernmost town

Florø is one of Norway’s most charming towns, surrounded by breathtaking archipelagos.

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Hammerfest at night

Hammerfest – the northernmost town in the world

At 70.7° north, Hammerfest is an Arctic town full of life.

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Norway Harstad Trondenes Church Summer  Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Harstad – at the heart of Northern Norway

Outdoor adventures and cultural impulses - Harstad has it all.

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The Norwegian port of Havoysund in winter

Havøysund – enjoy the Arctic view

A colourful small fishing village on an Arctic archipelago in the Barents Sea.

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The port of Honningsvåg covered in snow

Honningsvåg – gateway to the North Cape

Excellent shopping and exciting activities at the end of the world.

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The Russian border town of Kirkenes under a blanket of snow

Kirkenes – right on the border

Kirkenes is the turning point for Hurtigruten and a gateway to the Barents region.

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Sunset over Kjøllefjord in Norway

Kjøllefjord – beautiful wilderness where nature rules

Kjøllefjord is a small, but vibrant fishing village.

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Aerial view of Kristiansund in summer

Kristiansund – home of the Bacalao

Kristiansund sits on four islands and is founded on bacalao – dried salted cod, known locally as "klippfisk".

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An aerial view of Måløy port in Norway

Måløy – with its back against the sea

Sheltered at the east side of the island of Vågsøy, Måløy is a major exporter of Norway's treasured seafood.

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The port of Mehamn in Norway

Mehamn – the northernmost port of Hurtigruten

Among the ports of Hurtigruten's classic route, this proud fishing village is as far north as you get.

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Sunset over the port town of Molde in Norway

Molde – the City of Roses

Protected from the harsh surrounding elements, Molde is beautifully seated in a spectacular fjord landscape.

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The port of Nesna in summer

Nesna – at the heart of the Helgeland Coast

Nesna is an idyllic and tranquil former trading post.

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Winter in the Norwegian fishing port of Øksfjord

Øksfjord – welcome to Finnmark

Colourful houses cling to a dramatic mountain landscape in this small fishing community.

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The port town of Ørnes in Norway

Ørnes – deep within the majesty of Helgeland

Dramatic peaks to the east and a wonderful archipelago to the west provide Ørnes with a unique natural setting.

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Norway Risoyhamn Summer HGR 163759 Getty Images

Risøyhamn – narrow strait, wide horizon

With its 203 inhabitants, this charming village is Hurtigruten's smallest port of call.

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norway rorvik summer

Rørvik - surrounded by thousands of islands

The maritime splendour of Rørvik and its surroundings is an attraction in itself

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sandnessjoen norway hgr 163799

Sandnessjøen – gateway to the Helgeland Coast

Perfectly located between mountains and islands.

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norway skjervoy sunrise summer hgr 163761 photo competition

Skjervøy – at the heart of Northern Troms

Alpine mountains and deep fjords provide Skjervøy with a magnificent setting

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norway sortland winter hgr 163770 shutterstock

Sortland – the blue city

Fascinating sea landscapes and a bold move in city design.

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norway stamsund summer hgr 163719 photo competition

Stamsund – the essence of Lofoten

Stamsund provides a genuine Lofoten experience and a unique encounter with the Viking era.

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norway stokmarknes hurtigruten museum summer hgr 163740 fabrizio bardelli hurtigrutemuseet

Stokmarknes – the birthplace of Hurtigruten

This idyllic village is where our founder Richard With started Hurtigruten more than 120 years ago.

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norway svolvar winter hgr 163811 getty images

Svolvær – at the heart of Lofoten

Svolvær attracts nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers and artists in search of its very special light.

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norway geirangerfjord seven sister waterfall summer hgr 163754 agurtxane concellon

The Geirangerfjord – one of Norway's main attractions

The Geirangerfjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site with some of the very best and dramatic fjord scenery in Norway

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norway hjorundfjord summer hgr 163755 visit norway

The Hjørundfjord

Off the beaten tourist track, this fjord stands out from other popular fjords in its solitary beauty.

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norway torvik winter hgr 163729 arno ortmanns

Torvik – scenic and relaxed

Striking natural beauty blends with rural charm to give Torvik its typical coastal atmosphere

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norway tromso summer hgr 163720 getty images

Tromsø – gateway to the Arctic

Set in a majestic landscape and packed with culture and history, the splendour and vitality of Tromsø surprises many visitors

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Trondheim – Norway’s capital of technology

Home to the famous Nidaros Cathedral, the university town of Trondheim is both youthful and historical.

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norway vadso winter hgr 163730 nina helland

Vadsø – where the sky meets the sea

A multi-cultural town with Arctic nature at its best on display.

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A Hurtigruten ship pulling into the port of Vardø

Vardø – gateway to the Northeast Passage

Vardø is the oldest town in northern Norway and the easternmost in the country.

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