The Geirangerfjord

This iconic attraction features many of the characteristic natural and cultural charms of the Norwegian fjords.

The Geirangerfjord is often considered the jewel in Norway's crown of fjords. Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, 800-metre-high cliffs and cascading waterfalls, the UNESCO-listed fjord is an impressive 15 kilometres long and 260 metres deep.

Some of the fjord's most-visited attractions are its impressive falls, namely Seven Sisters, the Suitor and the Bridal Veil. You also shouldn't miss a visit to Ørneveien (the Eagle Road), where you can catch a magnificent view over the fjord itself.


Local culture

The first stretch of the fjord contains many lively small towns and villages, such as Sula on the fjord’s north bank, as well as settlements that once were centres for Arctic seal hunting.

Geiranger, the charming village at the head of Geirangerfjord, is one of Norway’s top tourist attractions. Despite its population of only 250 inhabitants, it is buzzing with life throughout summer.

Enjoy the view of a lifetime

1,500 m above sea level and at the top of a twisting mountain road is the Geiranger Skywalk. This platform at Dalsnibba offers a panoramic view of the Geirangerfjord and the snow-capped mountains that surround it.

It’s the highest view of a fjord from a road in Europe, so take your time, soak it all up and breathe in that pure mountain air. Although the same could be said wherever you go in the Geirangerfjord area, you definitely won't want to forget your camera on your visit here.


See a spectacular set of siblings

As you're cruising down Geirangerfjord, make sure you keep your eyes out for the Seven Sisters. No ordinary set of siblings, the Seven Sisters is a pretty spectacular waterfall made up of seven separate streams. Their average fall clocks in at around 250 m and they're best seen from May to June when the previous winter’s snow is in the process of melting.

Across the water is a lone waterfall known as ‘the Suitor’, forever lamenting his failed attempts to woo the sisters.

Get back to nature

There are lots of things to do in Geirangerfjord that allow you to get a bit closer to nature. Guided kayak tours are one option, or you can go full throttle by taking a high-octane RIB boat tour out across the water.

Alternatively, explore the fjord on foot and explore the many trails dotted all along the area. A good option is the pleasantly short walk from Vesterås farm up to the Vesteråsfjellet viewpoint.


Visit a few local landmarks

The Seven Sisters may be the best-known landmark in the Geirangerfjord, but it is certainly not the only one. You can also visit Bridal Veil waterfall, a delicate fall that has the appearance of a sheer, white veil.

One surprising activity in Geirangerfjord is to check out the now-abandoned farmsteads scattered along the fjord. These farms are a symbol of a Norway lost to time. Many of them, such as Hellesylt Bygdetun, are now museums.