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Dear Coast, from Myklevik Gård

When Åshild and Gisle saw Myklevik Gård on the Lofoten Islands, they realised that what they thought was their plan for life, was not the plan at all. This is their story.

A need for more space to support their growing, blended family prompted Åshild Jacobsen and Gisle Melhus to move to Myklevik Gård, a farm just outside Stamsund in the Lofoten Islands.

It was meant to be a temporary measure, something to tide them over until they found somewhere in town. After all, Gisle, who grew up in Lofoten, was a scriptwriter and Åshild worked in marketing. Both were settled in Oslo. Farming was not on their radar.

But once they moved to Myklevik, the farm took a hold of their imaginations and refused to let go.

They fell in love with Myklevik Gård and took on the guardianship of this patch of land that has been lived on since Vikings populated these islands.

It’s clear this couple isn’t content to take the easy path through life. Their farming style is as close to nature as possible. Instead of machinery, the work is done by hand. Foraging for victory onions and other greenery is an important part of their smallholding way of life. And feeling close to nature is as vital to them as the air that they breathe.

We first heard their story as we were looking for a partner to help us move towards zero food waste on our ships. Their connection with the cycles of nature made them the perfect people to collaborate with on this project; together we move food from farm to fleet. Then, leftovers are recycled into fertiliser and taken to Myklevik farm, where Åshild and Gisle grow herbs and veggies. It’s another beautiful cycle.

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