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Julio Cesar Silva | Reception Manager

With his bubbly and smiley personality, there is no problem or query that Julio isn't able to help with. Loved by guests and crew he is the beating heart of MS Maud, be sure to ask him for local recommendations as well!

The smiling face of MS Maud

From the moment you join your expedition onboard MS Maud, there is one very smiley face you’ll get to know well, and that’s Reception Manager Julio. On Deck 4, Julio and his team are there to solve any issues or simply answer any questions you may have.

There is no typical day as the Reception Manager onboard an expedition ship. Julio is often one of the first people awake onboard and he uses this time to check in with the Expedition Team and Captain to ensure everything is ready for when the guests wake up. Following that, he takes time to walk around the ship ensuring everything is in ship shape. This is also when he is able to indulge in his wanderlust and take in the views from the balconies and observation deck. His passion for his team, the wider crew, and the guest experience make him a much-loved member of MS Maud’s crew.

Where possible, he likes to take time to get off the ship and explore in port, meeting locals and finding hidden gems. One of his best days so far was when he joined the excursion to Norway’s North Cape. This was one of the coldest and windiest days Julio has experienced as part of the team onboard MS Maud, so much so that he struggled to take pictures due to the temperature. Nonetheless, everyone who joined him on that trip loved that day and is now part of one of his great travel stories

Tip | Seasickness

Everyone handles rough seas differently, but there are a few tips that Julio has to ensure you can continue to enjoy your time onboard. The biggest tip is to avoid liquid and try to eat a bit more food, and secondly to try not to think about it as this can make it worse.

Best Bit | Wildlife

Having spent time at sea traveling, Julio has been fortunate to experience some breathtaking wildlife moments from whales, and dolphins to migrating birds. As MS Maud returns to Svalbard he is hoping to catch a glimpse of a polar bear the king of this Arctic archipelago.

Tip for MS Maud | Try everything

For those new to MS Maud or new to expedition ships, Julio's top tip is to experience everything. Whether that is sitting by the window with a book watching the world go by, throwing yourself into a wide range of activities, or taking part in a science program. If you do that, get ready to leave a different person.

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Penguins perched on the ice of Cuverville Island, Antarctica. Credit: Espen Mills / HX Hurtigruten Expeditions

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