Terms and conditions for 1893 Ambassador

1. 1893 Ambassador membership

1.1 Membership in 1893 Ambassador is an agreement between the Hurtigruten Global Sales AS and the individual member (‘the member’). Membership is created by registering a profile and giving consent. Consent includes the Hurtigruten Group’s general privacy terms and the specific membership conditions for 1893 Ambassador program.

Membership is individualized. Only registered members are entitled to use the membership. The minimum age for membership is 18 years for US citizens and 19 years for Canadian citizens.

1.2 Every member receives their own personal membership number. Only natural persons can become members. It is not permitted for one person to have more than one member profile. The membership is registered in the member’s full name, with the email address provided by the member. The use of membership for commercial purposes is not permitted.

1.3 There is no charge for signing up to 1893 Ambassador. Some existing and future member benefits may require the purchase of Hurtigruten Group's products and services or only be realized through such purchases.

1.4 The Hurtigruten Group aims to continually expand the scope of member benefits and will regularly launch new benefits, as well as develop and change existing benefits. Some benefits will also be of a time-limited nature and others may be removed for various reasons.

A summary of available member benefits and offers with associated conditions will be shown here.

1.5 Through 1893 Ambassador, members can receive discounts and offers from Hurtigruten Group’s partners. Hurtigruten Group is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the products or services purchased from our partners. However, Hurtigruten Group does request that members who experience any problems with the partners inform Hurtigruten Group of this.

1.6 Membership and the associated benefits are non transferable. 1893 Ambassador benefits only apply to the individual specified as the member unless otherwise stated.

1.7 As a member, you can choose to cancel your membership at any time. This cancelation is done electrically via a separate registration form.

1.8 The Hurtigruten Group reserves the right to approve, reject, or annul membership at any time, for any reason, or for no specific reason, at its own discretion.

1.9 Any breach of these membership terms and conditions, or misuse of the membership, gives Hurtigruten Group the right to terminate the member’s membership with immediate effect.

2. Privacy

Membership can only be entered into if consent is given to receive electronic marketing about the 1893 Ambassador program, and requires the member to provide their name, email address, and other compulsory personal data at the time of registration. The member acknowledges and understands that Hurtigruten will process personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy, including to use it to manage its own member database, and for communication purposes as set out in these Terms and the Privacy Policy. As a rule, Hurtigruten will not share data with any third parties. In order to send out Hurtigruten campaigns to its members, Hurtigruten shares customer data with mailing houses which send such communications on behalf of Hurtigruten. These companies are not permitted to use the personal data for any other purpose or share personal data with anyone else.

2.1 Hurtigruten Group is the data controller for members’ personal data. The privacy policy explains how Hurtigruten Group collects, uses, and presents personal data.

See the privacy policy for more information on how we process personal data.

2.2 We use advertising networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your contact details and other relevant data we have registered about you will only be delivered to these service providers. We use these kinds of service providers to show you exclusive, tailored, and relevant advertisements, offers, and recommendations and to conduct analyses and develop our services.

2.3 By signing up, members consent to regularly receive information about their current membership status, new programme offerings, membership benefits and offers from Hurtigruten Group and our partners. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, but this will cancel their membership in 1893 Ambassador.

3. General terms and conditions

3.1 The Hurtigruten Group reserves the right to change or cancel the programme or parts thereof at any time.

3.2 The Hurtigruten Group also reserves the right to change existing terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions will be shown on Hurtigruten’s website. In the event of any major changes, the members will be informed. If the member does not wish to accept the changes, the member can unsubscribe from the programme.

3.3 The Hurtigruten Group has the right to transfer the membership with the associated rights and obligations to another company within the Hurtigruten Group. For example, this may occur as part of a restructuring process.

3.4 The Hurtigruten Group is not responsible for any personal data that the member themself shares with or provides to a third party.

3.5 It is the member’s responsibility to treat their log-in details, such as their username and password, as confidential. The member is responsible for not providing such information to any third parties. Any transactions carried out using the member’s log-in information shall be considered to have been approved by the member. The Hurtigruten Group does not take responsibility for any transactions conducted through misuse of or unauthorised access to the member’s log-in information. In the event of any suspected or actual misuse, the member themself must contact the Hurtigruten Group as soon as possible to stop or prevent any misuse.

3.6 Any questions about 1893 Ambassador should be sent to [email protected]