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The Coastal Express

We’ve sailed the Norwegian coast since 1893, faithfully serving communities and showing international guests our home for over 130 years. Come with us to experience the authentic, everyday life of the coast.

The Voyage

  • Our signature voyage along the Norwegian coast travels from the southern city of Bergen, across the Arctic Circle, up to Kirkenes, and back. These 12 days and 2,500 nautical miles feature some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. 

  • Norway’s world-famous fjords will be on full display, dotted with farms and charming fishing villages. Admire the mountains and discover the myths of the Helgeland Coast and brace yourself for the sheer beauty of the idyllic Lofoten and Vesterålen islands.  

  • Along the way, in each direction, your ship stops at 34 coastal communities, big and small, day and night. We dock in villages and towns for 10 to 45 minutes and in cities for a few hours. The ports we visit at night on the northbound voyage can be seen during the day when travelling southbound. 

  • You can even split the two cruises into two trips, doing the northbound voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes over seven days at one time and then the six-day southward voyage another. We also offer short cruises ranging from two to five days and specific port-to-port bookings.

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The Experience

You’ll sail together with local Norwegians who have relied on our ships for transport, post, and cargo for generations. Coastal Experts on board will also share their insights of the coast with you, whether about history, culture, science, or photography.

The North Cape, Norway under the red skies of the Midnight Sun

The Seasons

Will you come in spring when there’s both sun and snow to enjoy? Or will you arrive in autumn when forests along the coast turn crimson and gold? During this season, our ships also detour to Hjørundfjord, hidden amid the Sunnmøre Alps.

Between late May and early August, north of the Arctic Circle is the realm of the Midnight Sun, 24 hours of glorious summer sunshine. These are also the months when we sail into Geirangerfjord, one of Norway’s eight UNESCO sites.

The dark skies of winter in Norway form the backdrop for the legendary Northern Lights. Your ship will be your floating observatory; away from light pollution on land and travelling into the Arctic, directly under the consistently active Auroral Oval.

Why visit Norway with us?

Here are five ways our timeless voyages along the stunning Norwegian coast are unique and special.