A boat in a large body of water

Why The Coastal Express?

Five reasons our timeless voyages along the stunning Norwegian coast are unique and special.

Home is where our heart is

Our company was born on the Norwegian coast. We’ve sailed its fjords, navigated its islands, admired its mountains, and braved its weather every day, every season, and every year for over 130 years.

You can be sure no one knows the coast better. This is our home, and we couldn’t be prouder to show it to you.

MS Kong Harald in Raftsundet, Northern Norway

Caring for the coast

Since we first began in 1893, our whole reason for existing is to support, supply, and serve the Norwegian coast. We have a 130-year heritage of sustaining remote coastal communities up and down the length of Norway, benefitting families, bolstering local businesses, and protecting the spectacular nature we sail through.

As authentic as it gets

Sailing side by side with you are local Norwegians who know and love our ships, having relied on them for travel, post, and cargo for generations.

As we pass homes and farms, and go in and out of ports, you’ll see people wave to our ships – a sign of affection that’s as natural a part of coastal culture as the fjords themselves.

A fisherman holds a polystyrene box full of ice. At the top are three freshly caught cod, which are on their way to Hurtigruten's kitchen

Partnerships that go the distance

For decades, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with Norwegian suppliers, big and small, old and new. Together, we work to ensure the highest standards and best practices.

You’ll see this in the many optional seasonal excursions you can choose from, and in the delicious food made from locally sourced ingredients.

Talent and expertise

We couldn’t have accomplished all that we have without the hard work, dedication, skill, and passion of our captains and crew. Many grew up on the Norwegian coast and have fond memories of our ships from childhood.

Our enthusiastic Coastal Experience Team on board also bring their wealth of knowledge, enhancing your experience with treasured insights.