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MS Nordnorge

MS Nordnorge is aptly named for northern Norway, most of which lies above the Arctic Circle.


MS Nordnorge

  • Year built


  • Ship yard

    Kværner Kleven (N)

  • Beds


  • Length

    123.3 m

  • Speed

    18 knots

  • Year of refurbishment


  • Capacity


  • Gross tonnage


  • Beam

    19.5 m

MS Nordnorge is named after ‘northern Norway’, which consists of the two northernmost counties Nordland and Troms & Finnmark. The ship is particularly famous for Norwegians who may recognise it from a TV show in 2011 when its voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes was broadcast live for 134 hours, non-stop. The show entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest uninterrupted live television documentary.

MS Nordnorge in Trondheim, Norway

Your home at sea

Welcome aboard. Here is where time slows down. Where you can enjoy a casual and cosy ambience, inspired by the Nordic concept of koselig.

  • Cocktails at the Explorer Bar & Lounge

    Explorer Lounge & Bar

    This is the perfect place on the ship to go to nestle into a comfy chair, sip a handcrafted cocktail, chat to fellow guests, and watch the world go by.

  • Fitness room HGR 118682 Agurtxane Concellon

    Sauna and fitness room

    Keep active in the fitness room before enjoying a soothing steam in the sauna.

  • Northern Lights above a hot tub on deck on a Hurtigruten cruise in Norway

    Outdoor hot tubs

    Soak in the bubbles of the ship’s two outdoor hot tubs, while admiring views of the coast.

Restaurants on board

Each of the ship’s restaurants is a different dining experience, but all promise our Norway’s Coastal Kitchen concept of local ingredients from local suppliers.

  • Torget restaurant on board The Coastal Express


    Meaning ‘marketplace’ in Norwegian, the main restaurant offers a variety for all three daily meals. For dinner, it provides either a buffet or set menus.

  • A burger at Brygga restaurant on board The Coastal Express


    The name of this bistro is the Norwegian word for ‘wharf’. It serves salads, pizzas, and other crowd-pleasers with a Nordic twist.

  • Kysten restaurant on board The Coastal Express


    Dine in style at ‘The Coast’, our à la carte option. You’ll savour exquisite dishes crafted by our most skilled chefs, using the finest ingredients the Norwegian coast has to offer.

  • ferske-bakevarer-hgr-118723


    Let the aroma of freshly baked cakes and pastries guide you to Multe. The name Multe means ‘cloudberry’ in Norwegian. Jam made from this rare Arctic berry can be sampled in the bakery, often served with waffles and generous dollops of whipped cream or ice cream.

Your Coastal Experience Team

The Coastal Experience Team will be by your side as part of your voyage with us, sharing stories and insights about Norway’s culture, nature, and history.

  • Lecture on board a ship in Norway

    Knowing Norway

    Each member of the team has a range of specialised topics in their repertoire, ready to share with you in lectures and presentations on board, on deck, and ashore.

  • Coastal Experience Team MS Trollfjord HGR 163298 Espen Mills

    Meet your team

    Talk to the team to sign up to available seasonal excursions or to join them on invigorating hikes to scenic spots in several of the ports we call at.

  • Young Explorers HGR 115999 Anne Marte Johnsen

    For the kids

    Children between the ages of 6-13 years can join our complimentary Young Explorer activity programme on selected ships throughout July and August.


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Vehicles onboard coastal voyages must fit the following dimensions:

  • Max Length: 6.5 m/21.3 ft

  • Max Width: 2.45 m/8 ft

  • Max Height: 2.3 m/7.5 ft

  • Max Weight: 5000 kg/11,023 lbs

Campervans, minivans and trailers cannot be accepted. For safety reasons, we cannot take cars that use LPG or CNG gas on board. This applies even if the tank is empty.

For more information on bringing your vehicle on board, please see our FAQs.