The Seasons in Norway

The four seasons in Norway are very distinct, and each have their own unique personality.

A tale of four seasons

Some say you really haven’t seen all of Norway until you have experienced each of its seasons. Owing to the country's vast distances, the climate and seasons vary quite a lot between regions.

The entire coastline is warmed by the Gulf Stream, providing most of southern Norway with a temperate climate with dry and cold winters and comfortably warm summers. But while spring is blossoming in the south, winter could still be going strong in the north. 

Norway is also extra special in that it has a Northern Lights season that lasts from October through to the end of March.

Summit Triumph: Hikers atop Majestic Fjord Cliffs. Photo: Photo Competition

Travel through the seasons with Hurtigruten

Our onboard activities, restaurant menus and shore excursions change according to the time of year and the waters we sail in. Each season brings with it new opportunities to experience a Hurtigruten voyage in an entirely different light, both literally and figuratively.


March, April and May are the most exciting months to visit Norway, when you can enjoy the best of both sun and snow in one sailing. 

  • Experience Norwegian ‘springfulness’ on the coast in nature and culture

  • See all the phases of spring as you sail from south Norway to the Arctic

  • A time when fresh seafood and the year’s first produce fill the menus

  • Have fun with Easter activities and a Norway Day parade on board

Lofoten-Norway-HGR-158083 1920-Photo Credit: Getty Images


Throughout June, July and August, visitors can witness a special phenomenon: the Midnight Sun. Other highlights include:

  • Powerful and majestic waterfalls in full flow

  • A host of exciting excursions, including boat rides, sea eagle safaris, kayaking and hiking

  • Special sailings into three pristine and beautiful fjords

  • A lush landscape and mild temperatures


September, October and November are a great time to discover the Norwegian coast, as summer crowds disappear and make it easier to enjoy serene sailings in spectacular scenery.

  • Sail into enchanting fjords like the Trollfjord and the Hjørundfjord

  • Enjoy fresh locally sourced cuisine, delivered directly to the ship

  • Don your hiking boots and enjoy the scenery 

  • Experience coastal Norway at its most colourful

Hurtigruten in Stokksundet


Sailing with Hurtigruten in December, January and February, away from light pollution, provides the best and most reliable chances for experiencing the Northern Lights. But you can also:

  • Immerse yourself in the wild and untamed Norwegian winter scenery

  • Explore the vast wilderness by snowmobile or dog sled 

  • Enjoy the cold, crisp air and Arctic light in different colours

  • Experience polar nights above the Arctic Circle