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We’re on the right track!

Highlights from our 2023 ESG report

The Norwegian coast has been our home for 130 years, and so we’ve had a front row seat when it comes to seeing the urgency of protecting it. We’re excited to share our 2023 performance in our ESG report. No, we are not claiming perfection, but we continue to make substantial progress with each passing year, and we’re proud to be on the right track.  

Our 2023 achievements: at a glance

10% reduction in CO2 per guest

Compared with our baseline year, 2018. “Guest” is measured as available passenger cruise nights. 

70% reduction in NOx emissions

Compared with our baseline year, 2018. The reduction has been made possible by the installation of catalytic reduction (SCR) systems. 

+1 new hybrid-powered ship

In 2023, MS Kong Harald received an upgrade, with the installation of a hybrid propulsion system.

Record low food waste per guest

In 2023, we were able to cut food waste by another 11% compared with 2022, now down at a record low of 65 grams per guest.

Strong female representation

We are proud to have 50/50 gender representation in our executive leadership team, and senior leadership roles shoreside hitting the 42% female mark.

105,775 local passengers

Serving as a vital link on the coast, in 2023 we had more than 100,000 local passengers, and we moved over 46,000 tonnes of cargo.

Hedda Felin, Hurtigruten Norway CEO is standing in front of a Hurtigruten ship on the Norwegian Coast
We've been caring for our coast for 130 years and want to do whatever we can to help protect it for another 130 years and more. We’re creating sustainable travel experiences, striving to keep our footprint small and our impact lasting.

Hedda Felin



Curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is crucial if we are to keep global warming in check. We know that the travel industry has work to do reducing its impact on the climate, so we’ve set out ways we can make a real difference by focusing on concrete, measurable solutions.

In 2023, we:  

  • Reduced our Scope 1 CO2 emissions per guest by 9% compared to 2022 

  • Added +1 hybrid-powered ship to our fleet  

  • Launched a concept design for the world’s most energy-efficient, zero-emissions cruise ship, Sea Zero



A deep love for Norway's coast compels us to take care of its pristine waters, shores, and the diverse array of spices and animals it harbours. Nature here is beautiful, generous, but also fragile. We owe it to protect it as best we can.

In 2023, we reduced:

  • Food waste to record low of 65 grams per guest 

  • Water consumption per guest by 8% compared with 2022 

  • Waste per guest by 4% compared with 2022  


Our employees are at the heart of who we are. They’re the people who drive our business forward, the faces that guests see on board our ships, and the advocates for our brand.

In 2023, we had:

  • 142 maritime apprentices, making us one of the largest apprenticeship companies in Norway 

  • 40 different nationalities represented 

  • 42% women in senior leadership positions shoreside 

female captain Norway The North Cape Line HGR 166425 Espen Mills
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Since 1893 we have been a lifeline on the Norwegian coast. The route we founded binds the country together, transporting people and delivering goods. Travel and tourism is a catalyst for value creation in the beautiful local communities we are so lucky to visit and cooperate with.

In 2023:

  • 105,775 local passengers travelled with us 

  • We carried more than 46,000 tonnes of local cargo between ports 

  • 80% of food and beverages on board were locally sourced 

2023: A record year for guest contribution

We are immensely grateful to our guests for their contribution in making 2023 a record-breaking year for donations to Hurtigruten Foundation. It total, they donated 830,682 euros, a 127% increase from 2022. Their enthusiastic support enabled us to fund 71 projects across 16 countries, resulting in unprecedented impact from the organisations striving to bring positive change to the regions we visit. 

This has contributed to:  

  • Restoration of the undersea kelp forests around Norway’s coast

  • Removal of 1.16 tonnes of plastics and marine litter on the remote beaches of Svalbard

  • Construction of the North Cape steps in Honningsvåg

  • Research on mercury uptake and distribution in Svalbard reindeer

  • Certification of volunteer search and rescue dog equipages in Svalbard

  • Summer activities for 330 children in Greenland

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MS Nordlys Norway Winter HGR 164006 1920 Photo Ole Salomonsen

Want to read more?

These are just the highlights from our 2023 ESG report. If you’d like to learn more about our targets, performance, and ambitions, we encourage you to check out the full report by clicking the link below.